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Regeneration Globe

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Regeneration Globes (aka Health Globes or Reg Globes) are spheres that regenerate a hero's health and mana when collected and are dropped by minions, mercenaries and some objectives.

Some heroes have talents that add other stats upon collection. For example, Fingers of Frost will give Jaina an additional permanent +0.1 mana/sec for every regeneration globe she collects, up to +2 mana/sec, if she chooses that talent.

Colors[edit | edit source]

An allied blue regeneration globe is collected by walking over it. The globe will heal 9% of the Heroes maximum Health and 7% of the Heroes maximum Mana in 5 ticks over 5 seconds. It will not only heal and restore mana for the hero that collects it, but also nearby friendly heroes.

Enemy regeneration globes appear as red spheres on the map. This allows a team the opportunity to attempt to deny an opponent their regeneration globes by zoning the enemy hero until the enemy's regeneration globe disappears (or becomes neutral).

Any Regeneration Globes becomes purple and thus neutral (claimable by both teams) if not claimed within 3 seconds. They remain available for either team to pick up for an additional 3 seconds. Some objectives and map locations contain Neutral Regeneration Globes that can be collected by a Hero of either team.

Sources[edit | edit source]

  • A wizard minion drops a Regeneration Globe for the enemy team upon death.
  • A mercenary camp spawns a Regeneration Globe for the capturing team upon capturing.
  • Regen Globe Generators at the top and bottom of Braxis Holdout spawn a Neutral Regeneration Globe that does not disappear with time. A new globe is spawned 45 seconds after the older one gets picked-up.
  • Some objectives drop Regeneration Globes:
  • Alexstrasza can create a Regeneration Globe with her level 1 talent Circle of Life: After collecting 25 Regeneration Globes, Abundance's healing burst creates a Regeneration Globe.

Trivia[edit | edit source]