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Data Page for Kael'thas
Parameter Variable Value
name name Kael'thas
date date May 12, 2015
price price 7000
title title The Sun King
role role Ranged
franchise franchise Warcraft
info info A fire Mage who punishes enemies that stay close together.
lore lore Like all Blood Elves, Prince Kael'thas was transformed by the fall of Quel'thalas. Desperate to save his people from being consumed by their magical addiction, he joined forces with the Burning Legion and now lords over Tempest Keep.
difficulty difficulty Hard
melee melee False
health health 1520
healthRegen health regen 3.168
resource resource 500
resourceType resource type Mana
armor armor 0
attackSpeed attack speed 1.11
attackRange attack range 5.5
attackDamage attack damage 65
healthScaling health scaling 0.04
regenScaling health regen scaling 0.04
adamageScaling attack damage scaling 0.04
unitRadius unit radius 1.0
skills skills see below
talents talent_<tier>_<column> see below


Verdant Spheres Icon.png
Verdant Spheres
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Activate to make your next Basic Ability more powerful.
Flamestrike Icon.png
70 Mana Cooldown: 7 seconds
After 1 second, deal 345 (+4% per level) damage in an area.
Verdant Spheres increases the radius by 50%.
Living Bomb Icon.png
Living Bomb
50 Mana Cooldown: 10 seconds
Deal 120 (+4% per level) damage over 3 seconds to an enemy, then they explode dealing 215 (+4% per level) damage to all nearby enemies. Other Heroes damaged by this explosion are also affected by Living Bomb, though the secondary explosions cannot spread.
Verdant Spheres makes this Ability cost no Mana and have no cooldown.
  • Living bomb deals 3 ticks of 42 damage before exploding.
Gravity Lapse Icon.png
Gravity Lapse
90 Mana Cooldown: 14 seconds
Stun the first enemy hit for 1 seconds.
Verdant Spheres causes Gravity Lapse to stun the first 3 enemies hit and increases the stun duration by 50%.
Pyroblast Icon.png
80 Mana Cooldown: 100 seconds
After 1.5 seconds, cast a slow-moving fireball that deals 810 (+5% per level) damage to an enemy Hero and 405 (+5% per level) damage to enemies nearby.
Phoenix Icon.png
80 Mana Cooldown: 60 seconds
Launch a Phoenix to an area, dealing 78 (+4% per level) damage to enemies along the way. The Phoenix persists for 7 seconds, attacking enemies for 78 (+4% per level) damage and splashing for 50%.
  • Phoenix is untargetable and invulnerable and has no collision.
  • Phoenix attacks the nearest enemy to the center, prioritizing Heroes.
  • Phoenix' attacks deal Spell Damage.
  • Phoenix attacks 13 times during it's duration, dealing total of 1014 damage and 507 splash damage.


Convection Icon.png
❢ Quest: When Flamestrike damages an enemy Hero, increase its damage by 5, up to 100. Lose all damage bonuses if you die.
❢ Reward: After gaining 100 bonus damage, increase Flamestrike damage by an additional 100 and no longer lose the bonus if you die.
Fel Infusion Icon.png
Fel Infusion
Increases your Spell Power by 4%. Heal for 94 (+4% per level) Health when you activate Verdant Spheres.
Mana Addict Icon.png
Mana Addict
❢ Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases your maximum Mana by 15.
❢ Reward: After gathering 20 Regeneration Globes, you can also activate Arcane Barrier to gain a Shield equal to 100% of your maximum Mana for 4 seconds. 45 second cooldown.
  • Continues to gain stacks even after the quest is complete.
  • Kael'thas' current mana is also increased by 15, when a Regeneration Globe is collected.
Nether Wind Icon.png
Nether Wind
Increases Gravity Lapse's range by 30%. When Gravity Lapse hits an enemy Hero, refund 80 Mana.
Energy Roil Icon.png
Energy Roil
Reduce the Mana cost of Gravity Lapse by 70. When Gravity Lapse hits a Hero, reduce its cooldown by 9 seconds.
Mana Tap Icon.png
Mana Tap
Activating Verdante Spheres restores 4% of your maximum Mana.
Burned Flesh Icon.png
Burned Flesh
When Flamestrike damages 2 or more Heroes, they take additional damage equal to 8% of their maximum Health.
  • The damage from Burned Flesh is dealt as a separate instance of Spell Damage that is flagged to ignore any Armor.
Sun Kings Fury Icon.png
Sun King's Fury
Living Bombs that spread to enemy Heroes deal 35% more damage.
Sunfire Enchantment Icon.png
Sunfire Enchantment
Activating Verdant Spheres causes your next 2 Basic Attacks to instead deal 115 (+4% per level) Spell Damage. If both of them hit enemy Heroes, gain 15% Spell Power for 10 seconds.
Phoenix Icon.png
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Launch a Phoenix to an area, dealing 78 damage to enemies along the way. The Phoenix persists for 7 seconds, attacking enemies for 78 damage and splashing for 50%.
Pyroblast Icon.png
Cooldown: 100 seconds
After 1.5 seconds, cast a slow-moving fireball that deals 810 damage to an enemy Hero and 405 damage to enemies nearby.
Pyromaniac Icon.png
Each time Living Bomb deals periodic damage, your Basic Ability cooldowns are reduced by 0.5 second.
Backdraft Icon.png
Living Bomb's explosion slows enemies Movement Speed by 30% for 2 seconds.
Fission Bomb Icon.png
Fission Bomb
Increases Living Bomb's explosion radius by 20%.
Fury of the Sunwell Icon.png
Fury of the Sunwell
Flamestrike will explode a second time 1.5 seconds later.
Ignite Icon.png
Flamestrike applies Living Bomb to the enemy Hero closest to its center who is not currently affected by Living Bomb.
  • Only 1 Living Bomb can be applied per Flamestrike cast.
Twin Spheres Icon.png
Twin Spheres
Verdant Spheres gains a second charge.
Rebirth Icon.png
Increases Phoenix duration by 100%. While alive, the Phoenix may be ordered to move to a different location.
  • Phoenix now attacks 26 times during its duration dealing total of 2028 damage and 1014 splash damage.
  • Phoenix can be relocated only once per cast.
  • Relocating Phoenix through units deals damage, but causes it to miss out one attack.
Presence Of Mind Icon.png
Presence Of Mind
Increases Pyroblast's explosion radius by 50%. Heroes who are hit by Flamestrike or have Living Bomb spread to them reduce the cooldown of Pyroblast by 10 seconds.
Master of Flames Icon.png
Master of Flames
Living Bomb's spread from explosions can now also spread Living Bomb.
  • Enables Living Bomb to spread indefinitely.
Flamestrike Icon.png
Increases the cast range of Flamestrike by 40%. If you hit 2 or more Heroes, Flamestrike's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds.