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From left to right: Tyrael, Johanna, and Stitches.

Warrior heroes are a strong and tough role of heroes. They often have ways to stun or bodyblock the enemy from reaching their allies, and are often very tough themselves. Most warrior heroes should protect their allies. There are currently 23 Warrior heroes. With the 2019 Gameplay Updates of Heroes of the Storm, this role will be splited in two: Bruiser and Tank roles.

Warriors Role[edit | edit source]

Warriors lead the charge into team fights. With high health pools, powerful crowd-control effects, and damage reduction capabilities, Warriors buy their teammates time to deliver their own fatal strikes against opponents.

In addition to damage mitigation and healing abilities that sustain them in fights, many warriors also have roots, stuns, or pulls, which can disrupt opponents. To be as effective as possible, Warriors will need to be patient in the execution of these control-abilities. Because Warriors are often relied upon to initiate team fights, they'll want to be aware of the location of their teammates at all times. Warriors who charge in too early may lack the back-up they rely on to survive a fight. Conversely, engaging too late may give opponents a window to annihilate squishy allies, like Assassins and Supports.

There are different playstyles Warriors should adjust to depending on your team's Hero composition. For example: Artanis and Sonya can act as Bruisers, front-line heroes who may lack the same amount of CC as other Warriors, but accent their tank with damage and pressure (and more health than most heroes). Team compositions with smaller health pools but consistent damage output will typically benefit from a 'peel' playstyle, meaning that tanks will need to attract attention away from their backline assassin and support allies. Alternatively, compositions that prefer to dive aggressively will need their warrior to charge in with the team and remain there until the targets are subdued, the objective has been captured, or the team needs to retreat.

Tip[edit | edit source]

  • Seize opportunities to shut down your opponent's powerful channeled abilities with a well-timed stun or similar crowd control effect; some Heroic abilities, like Valla's Strafe and Nazeebo's Ravenous Spirit, can be interrupted.
  • As a front-liner for your team, be on the lookout for objectives and remember that your presence will be needed should a team fight erupt at the corresponding location.
  • Scouting is key! Use your high health and survivability to lead the way through potentially dangerous areas, and proactively check bushes to find opponents who may be lying in wait.
  • Always know where your backliners are. Be sure not to abandon your team, and do your best to disrupt and distract enemies who are attacking your squishier allies.[1]

List of warrior heroes[edit | edit source]

Name Universe Description
Warcraft A Tank who specializes against Mages thanks in part to his innate Spell Armor.
StarCraft A tough Bruiser that deals high damage if the enemy team is unable to shut him down.
Warcraft A Tank who is proficient against melee Physical Attackers, slowing them.
StarCraft A ranged Tank who specializes in initiating fights and dealing area damage by spreading his flames.
Warcraft A potent Bruiser that will dominate if the enemy team is lacking mobility.
Warcraft Head 1 of a 2 Headed Hero, Cho controls the body of Cho'gall.
StarCraft A Bruiser with a strong global presence that can effectively clear groups of minions.
Diablo (franchise) A risky Tank who can devastate an enemy team with his "all-in" combo potential.
Overwatch A hard-to-kill Bruiser that can peel enemies away from her allies with high disruption.
Warcraft A Tank who supplies his team with a good bit of utility.
Warcraft A frontline Tank that enters the fray, trying to isolate a single opponent for elimination.
Diablo (franchise) An all-in Bruiser that leads the charge with strong initiation and single target damage.
Diablo (franchise) A Tank who shines against Physical Attackers and can effectively clear groups of minions.
Diablo (franchise) A Bruiser that deals high damage against teams with many high health heroes.
Warcraft A self-sustaining Tank that peels for allies and disrupts enemies.
Warcraft A sturdy Tank that can do well in a multitude of situations.
Warcraft A Bruiser that with his bear, Misha, expertly controls areas of the battleground.
Diablo (franchise) A Bruiser that's great at capturing Mercenary camps and likes to dive into the enemy team.
Warcraft A Tank who wants to isolate distant enemies away from their team.
Diablo (franchise) A Tank who pairs well with allies that like to dive into the enemy team.
Warcraft A Multi-Class Hero that can Tank for his team or become a high damage Assassin.
Warcraft A deliberate melee warrior whose heavyweight abilities reward premeditation and commitment.
Overwatch A Bruiser that can enable deadly allies and is good at preventing burst damage.

References[edit | edit source]