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Vector Targeting is a mechanic on some abilities that decides how they are aimed. On the initial cast the anchor point of the ability is set, and then the player selects a direction the ability will be oriented towards. This 2-step process takes a bit more accuracy than a regular skillshot that has its direction based on the player's orientation, but is provides a great deal more flexibility with how it is cast.

There are a couple abilities that anchors the skillshot in the center and lets you change the orientation, while others anchor at the start letting you aim from there, which can let you hit enemies outside of the standard range of the ability. If no direction is provided, the ability will be cast from the anchor point towards the direction your Hero is currently facing.

Alarak was the first hero with Vector Targeting. Some Vector Targeting abilities can be self-cast, while others can not.

Abilities with Vector Targeting[edit | edit source]

  • Alarak's Telekinesis anchors at the start and pushes enemies and Alarak in the aimed direction. Can be self-cast.
  • Blaze's Oil Spill anchors at the start and creates an oil slick that slows enemies who come in contact with it. Can be self-cast.
  • Deckard' heroic Lorenado anchors at the start and swirls in the aimed direction constantly knocking back enemies in the path.
  • Ragnaros' Living Meteor anchors at the start and rolls in the aimed direction constantly damaging enemies in the path.
  • Probius' heroic Null Gate anchors in the center and places a timed wall damaging and slowing enemies that touch it.
  • Xul's heroic Skeletal Mages anchors in the center and creates 4 killable skeletons that attack and slow nearby enemies.
  • Triglav Protector gunner's Scorching Laser anchors at the start and damages enemies in the aimed direction, then explodes along the path it took for heavy damage.