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Untargetable is an additional effect that prevents a unit being targeted, affected, selected and hit by Abilities and effects with certain properties. This does not necessarily make the unit immune to damage and they can still be affected by previously acquired Damage over Time effects, but often this is circumvented by the effect Untargetability is paired with. This is important for abilities that are required to hit a target to gain an effect, such as Valeera's Sinister Strike. Untargetability is usually attached to another effect and is rarely seen on its own.

Properties that Untargetable can apply to include, but are not limited to:

An effect may grant Untargetability to one or more of the abovementioned properties. E.g. Stealth makes the unit Untargetable by Basic Attacks and Unit targeted Abilities, but Stealthed units can still be hit by Skillshots and Area of Effect Abilities or have the Untargetibility removed by Revealed. Time Stop and Stasis are status effects that make the unit Untargetable by everything.