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The tutorial is a feature that provides a short introduction to Heroes of the Storm.

Introductory experience[edit | edit source]

The tutorial is encountered when the player first plays the game, immediately after the introductory experience. During the introductory experience the player learns the very basic controls for the game, including moving the character and using abilities. Once completed, the introductory experience does not appear to be replayable. As well as teaching the player the basics of the game, the introductory experience also serves to establish the storyline and setting for Heroes of the Storm, including the appearance of the various heroes in the Nexus: The introductory experience begins with Raynor battling the Zerg. Suddenly, he is transported from his previous location, and finds himself in the Nexus, where he is greeted by Uther. After a bare explanation of his predicament, Raynor is led to encounter a number of enemy minions, allowing the player to learn the basics of controlling their character. Before long, Raynor and Uther encounter Diablo, to whom Raynor appears to quickly take a dislike. Raynor goes on to engage in battle against Diablo and Stitches, eventually emerging triumphant.

At the conclusion of the introductory experience the player is led to the main menu screen for the first time, from which they may choose to take the tutorial, completing the player's introduction to the game.

The Tutorial[edit | edit source]

In the tutorial, the player takes control of Raynor, who is instructed by Uther in the basics of the game. The tutorial takes the form of a regular match, but features additional instruction sequences and commentary by Uther to teach the player as the game progresses. The player is not offered talent choices during the tutorial, but instead automatically gains a certain set of talents as the team gains in level.

The player's team consists of Raynor, Uther, Valla, Tyrael and Nova, while the enemy team consists of Diablo, Stitches, Nazeebo, Illidan and Arthas.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Once the battleground appears, the first sequence of dialogue begins:

Uther: I hope you're ready, Raynor - this is as real as it gets. As before, our goal is to fight the enemy team and destroy their core.
Raynor: The way I see it, there are three lanes to the enemy's base. We'd better make sure somebody's covering each one.
Uther: Now you've got it, lad! Once the battle starts, follow me and get ready to fight.

Once battle begins:

Uther: Raynor! I could use your assistance in this lane!

Once Raynor engages in battle or uses Inspire:

Uther: Whenever you kill enemy minions, heroes or structures, our team gains experience.
Uther: This bar shows the experience of both teams. Once the blue bar fills entirely, our team levels up, and we each grow stronger.
Raynor: Let's go get us a level then.

Once the team levels up:

Uther: Well done - we've leveled up! Your stats have increased and your abilities have become stronger!

If Raynor gets targeted by a tower:

Uther: Fall back, lad, it's dangerous to attack a tower without our minions.

If Raynor's health gets low:

  • Raynor: Dang. Not feelin' so good.
Uther: Better head to a healing fountain. You can right click to it to regain health.

Once Raynor drinks from the fountain:

Uther: There you go. After drinking from a fountain, your health and mana will regenerate over time. But you'll have to wait until the fountain refills before you can drink from it again.

If Raynor's health gets low again:

Uther: If your health gets low, heal yourself by using a healing fountain or hearthing back to our base.

Before long, Uther will mount up and ride off to the top left siege giant camp, usually accompanied by one or more other heroes.

Uther: Raynor - we could use your help over here. We're going to 'encourage' a few of these siege giants to join our side.

A special objective and trail appears, indicating the path to the camp. If Raynor doesn't go to help quickly enough:

Raynor: Guess I'd better go help Uther, before the old man gets a little cranky...-er.

If Raynor still doesn't go to assist:

Uther: Hurry up, lad! We need your help with these siege giants.

After defeating the giants:

Uther: Stand within that beacon for a moment, would you?

Once Raynor has captured the camp:

Uther: There we are! Once a mercenary camp is defeated, they'll join us in battle, attacking down the nearest lane!
Raynor: Alright. I say we escort these siege critters to the enemy's fort, and bust that dang thing apart.

The siege giants will progress down the top lane, and begin attacking a tower:

Uther: Siege giants are quite effective at destroying forts at long range.

Prompted to use Inspire:

Uther: Your Inspire ability increases the attack speed of both you and nearby allies. Use it whenever you can!

Prompted to use Hyperion:

  • Raynor: I'd say this looks like the perfect time to call down the Hyperion.
  • Raynor: I bet if I called down the Hyperion now, we could take out these guys.

If Raynor dies:

Raynor: Well... that just happened.