Travis McGeathy

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Travis McGeathy
Travis McGeathy.jpg
Birth Date Unkown
Occupation Lead Designer
Projects Heroes of the Storm

Travis McGeathy is the Lead Designer at Blizzard Entertainment's Heroes of the Storm development team.

Background[edit | edit source]

Travis McGeathy is responsible for designing and overseeing the implementation of gameplay systems for the company’s online team brawler. These systems tend to focus on promoting social interactions, community ties, and competition. McGeathy also serves as a player advocate to ensure that the development team is delivering memorable gameplay experiences.

McGeathy joined Blizzard Entertainment in 2016 in his current role. He’s a 20-year industry veteran who started in quality assurance and community management before transitioning to design and design leadership. He has been involved in over 30 online multiplayer games, including his roles as lead designer on EverQuest and design director on the Kingdoms of Amalur MMORPG.

McGeathy is a gaming enthusiast who loves to play all kinds of games. While he plays nearly every high-profile videogame release, he also enjoys discovering quirky indie games that bring new ideas to the table. When he’s not in front of a screen, he enjoys playing board games, card games, and pen-and-paper role-playing games.[1]

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