Towers of Doom

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Towers of Doom
Towers of Doom Art.jpg
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives
  • Protected Cores: Both cores are protected by a barrier that cannot be attacked by heroes. To be victorious, you must activate the altars.
  • Activate Altars: Periodically altars will rise across the battlefield. Activate them to have your bell towers fire upon the enemy's core.
  • Claim Bell Towers: Destroy your enemy's towers to bring them under your team's control. The more towers you have, the more damage an altar will do.
First Objective 3:00 minutes
Subsequent Objectives 1:50 minutes after all altars captured
Lanes 3
Announcer Grave Keeper & Raven Lord
Realm Raven Court
Release Date November 24th, 2015
The Grave Keeper and the Raven Lord are engaged in a classic battle of evil versus… different evil? Protective magic shields your Core from enemy Heroes, but nothing will save you from these two masters of the dark arts. Hold the Bell Towers, capture the Altars, and unleash your wicked benefactor’s power on your enemies.[1]

The Towers of Doom is a three-lane battleground set in the Realm of Raven Court. The Cores on Towers are Doom are protected by barriers that cannot be destroyed by heroes. Periodically altars will rise across the battlefield. Activate them to have your bell towers fire upon the enemy's core.

The first Battleground objective event will activate 3 minutes into the match, following a 30-second warning.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Grave Keeper and the Raven Lord have risen over a dark and mysterious city, each seeking to annex it into the territories they inhabit within the Nexus. Now locked in a struggle for dominance over the little gothic burg, these mythic beings demand that heroes contribute their might to this endeavor. Whether born from necessity, or merely for sport, their true intentions may never become clear.[2]

Losing patience with the Grave Keeper, the Raven Lord summoned beings from the Dark Nexus in order to finally draw the "usurper" out.[3]

Map layout[edit | edit source]

Towers of Doom features three lanes, spread out to form a medium-sized map. Unlike most maps, though, these lanes only feature one castle for each team, rather than the typical two. Between the lanes (and below bottom lane) there are altars which periodically activate, triggering the map's main objective.

Towers of Doom map.jpg

Areas of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Mercenary camps
    • Sappers: Siege camps are pumpkin headed minions. The pumpkin heads will spawn in triplets. However, when they get close to a keep or tower, they will charge the structure and explode, dealing massive damage. If the pumpkin heads advance on a keep that has already been captured, they will continue down the lane until they reach the end of the lane, at which point each pumpkin head will suicide and deal 1 damage to the enemy core.
    • Headless Horseman: When capturing the boss, the boss will not advance down a lane. Instead, it will immediately deal four damage to the enemy core.
  • Tunnels: 12:00 minutes into the battle (or, if altars have spawned, 15 seconds after the last altar is captured), the Grave Keeper and the Raven Lord will open tunnels near their respective core which leads to the field's center. Use this for a shortcut or if some of your heroes' Z key abilities are recharging.

Unique objective[edit | edit source]

Core Ability: Protected[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen towersofdoom icon1.png

Both Cores are protected by a barrier that cannot be attacked by heroes. The core has 40 hp at the start of each game. When you enter the opposing team's Kill Zone near the Core, enemy cannons will lock on to you and blow you to smithereens.

The Core does not affect damage from any sources other than capturing Altars and the mercenary of this battleground: Sappers and the Headless Horseman.

Activate Altars[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen towersofdoom icon2.png

Periodically altars will rise across the battlefield. The location of the first Altars will appear on the Minimap 30 seconds after the game begins, as well as 30 seconds after the final Altars in an event has been captured. The first altars will spawn 3 minutes into the match, following a 30-second warning. Subsequent altars will spawn 110 seconds after the last one has been captured.

Activate them to have your bell towers fire upon the enemy's core. Capturing an altar takes 6 seconds.

Spawning Rules[edit | edit source]

  • The possible configurations of altars are:
  1. Top-left and top right altars.
  2. Middle altar.
  3. Bottom altar.
  4. Middle and bottom altars.
  5. Top-left, top-right, and middle altars.
  6. Top-left, top-right, and bottom altars.
  • The first and fifth set of altars always spawn as three altars at once. Other sets always spawn as one or two altars at once.
  • The first six altar spawns have unique configurations. The next four altar spawns have unique configurations (as we no longer have three-altar spawns). After the tenth set, the next configuration is randomly chosen between all the one- or two-altar configurations, which means there is now a chance of repeating.
  • This means we will always know the 5th, 6th, and 10th altar spawn configurations.

Claim Bell Towers[edit | edit source]

Loadscreen towersofdoom icon3.png

Keeps and Forts are often called Bell Towers on this map. Unlike other maps, there is only one Bell Tower per lane, and destroying the Bell Tower works much differently. When capturing an enemy's Bell Tower, it will automatically destroy the Tower and Healing fountain next to it. A new, friendly Bell Tower will rise in its place.

Each team has a damage multiplier: The more Forts/Keeps you have, the more damage an Altar will do. The value is 1+ the number of keeps the team controls. Each team start with three keeps, so the multiplier starts at 4. Altars will spawn and successfully capturing an altar will cause you to deal damage to the enemy core equal to your damage multiplier.

If the enemy destroys your new keep, then their own keep and healing fountain will respawn. This process can be repeated infinitely, and whenever structures are respawning they are invincible for several seconds. Note that even during this invincibility phase, they still count towards the controlling team's damage multiplier. Also note that recapturing a keep on your side of the map will only respawn the turret tower and healing fountain nearest it. The gate and two turret towers that protected the keep will remain destroyed, meaning the keep will remain quite vulnerable.

If your team manages to capture all six keeps, your core will deal 1 damage to the enemy core roughly every ~3.5 seconds. The bombardment ends if your foe retakes a tower, so use extreme caution.

When the tunnel opens after 12:00 minutes, all Forts upgrade to Keeps, including their Kill XP given. Less significantly, Towers and Healing fountains also upgrade, affecting their HP and shields.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

A Spirit Healer
  • When Towers of Doom was made, the developers were originally planning to add Arathi Basin from Warcraft. Afterwards, they changed lots of the map mechanics, and it doesn't look like the map in Warcraft. Therefore, they remade it to Towers of Doom.[4] If you look at the towers they’re themed very similar to main areas in Arathi Basin.[5]
  • After Towers of Doom's initial release, Haunted Mines' older version was taken out of the regular gameplay, until a rework for Mines came out, and a specific Heroes Brawl celebrated its relaunch.
  • A Spirit Healer from World of Warcraft can be seen on this map while dead.
  • There are many ghost farmers, miners and knights found around this map. They appeared living on Cursed Hollow, Haunted Mines and Dragon Shire respectively.
  • The symbol of the Raven Lord can be seen on the ghostly minecarts mine entrences on this map.
  • On some of the gravestones on this map you can see the Horde symbol.
  • Gamedata refers to this map as "Winter Crest".
  • Hammer Time and Ghost Protocol are Brawls set on a modified version of Towers of Doom.

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