Tony Hsu

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Tony Hsu
Tony Hsu.jpg
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Senior Game Producer
Projects Heroes of the Storm
World of Warcraft
StarCraft II

Tony Hsu is a Senior Game Producer at Blizzard Entertainment's Heroes of the Storm development team.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tony Hsu helps with production for the game's design teams, with a specific focus on the Battleground design team. Much of his role involves creating process and organizing how the team develops creative content. This includes managing complex delivery pipelines, ensuring that the content is on track each step of the way, and collaborating with various teams to make that all happen. As challenges arise or designs change, as they always do, he helps by shepherding communication and problem solving to keep the team in sync, moving forward, and eliminating roadblocks. Hsu also serves as a catch all for general information or help resource for the rest of the team.

Hsu joined Blizzard Entertainment in 2003 as a temp employee providing online tech support to players. He then served as a member of the game master team on World of Warcraft before transitioning to the StarCraft II development team as a producer. In 2005, while still serving as a game master, Hsu leveraged his convention-going experience and organizational skills to help coordinate and set up the very first BlizzCon gaming convention.

Hsu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Ecology from the University of California, Irvine, with an emphasis on Psychology and Social Behavior. He’s an avid Magic: The Gathering player and fan who made it to the Pro Tour and formerly served as a certified Level 2 DCI Judge, even judging at the US Nationals in 2003. He’s also a rabid toy collector.[1]

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