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Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Availability Quote Audio Background
Default Close Enough
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40 Don't Mess With Us
Sit On You

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio Background
Emoji Butcher Pack 1 Butcher Happy.png

The Butcher

  • Olaf: Hello! I'd like some coldcuts please!
  • The Butcher: (growls)

Food, and especially meat, is used for healing in the original Lost Vikings game
  • The Butcher: (growls)
  • Olaf: Wait a minute... You're not a real butcher, are you?

Emoji Nazeebo Gingerdread Pack 1 Gingerdread Nazeebo Happy.png

Candy Hero

  • Olaf: You look delicious! Can I eat you?
  • Candy: <hero dependent>
Emoji Muradin Pack 1 Muradin Happy.png

Dwarf Hero

  • Olaf: Huh? And what kind of Viking are you?
  • Dwarf: <hero dependent>
  • Dwarf: <hero dependent>
  • Baleog: Well, we certainly haven't been to any good lands.
Emoji Greymane Pack 1 Greymane Happy.png


  • Baleog: Ey, look! It's that weasel Fang!
  • Greymane: Be quiet, or you'll see my fangs up close.

Emoji Murky Pack 1 Murky Happy.png


  • Baleog: Have I fought one of your relatives before?
  • Murky: <Response indicating he is excited and ready to fight>
  • Erik: Hmm... Are you related to Aftiek?
  • Murky: <Response indicating he is excited and ready to fight>
  • Olaf: Aww... Wow! Will you be my pet? (gibberish) sweet little sushi.
  • Murky: <Response indicating he is excited and ready to fight>
  • Murky: <Playfully questioning the person next to him>
  • Baleog: (scoff) Tell me about it.
  • Murky: <Playfully questioning the person next to him>
  • Erik: How did a sea serpent end up here? And such a tiny one, too.
  • Murky: <Playfully questioning the person next to him>
  • Olaf: Oh! Was that you or my stomach?
Emoji Nazeebo Pack 1 Nazeebo Happy.png


  • Erik: Hey, you look familiar! Or, hm... aren't you the other witch doctor?
  • Nazeebo: This is not possible.
Emoji Sylvanas Pack 1 Sylvanas Meh.png


  • Baleog: Aren't you that witch from Transylvania?
  • Sylvanas: No! And you should lay off the brew before a fight.

  • Sylvanas:  I see you staring.
  • Erik: Don't I know you from somewhere?

Emoji Thrall Pack 1 Thrall Happy.png

Orc Hero

  • Orc:  <hero dependent>
  • Olaf: Oh no, it's T-T-Tomator!
Tomator, the main villain and final boss in The Lost Vikings resembles Orcs.
Emoji The Lost Vikings Pack 1 The Lost Vikings Happy.png

The Lost Vikings

  • Erik: We're lost again!
  • Olaf: Yup!
  • Baleog: Time to fight?
  • Olaf: Where are we?
  • Erik: Somewhere dangerous.
  • Baleog: You ready to smash things?
Emoji The Lost Vikings Pack 1 The Lost Vikings Happy.png


  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Erik: We just want to go home!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Olaf: Hah! For lasagna!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Olaf: (affirmative groan) Is lasagna tasty?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Baleog: I got some brand new swords, and I'm itching to use them.
Emoji The Lost Vikings Pack 1 The Lost Vikings ROFL.png



  • Baleog: You look way more useful than Olaf and Erik. This is going to be easy.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Erik: Wait... you're from the future and you're not an enemy?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Olaf: You up for some cake and pie later, buddy?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Baleog: Glad someone else knows what's going on here.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Erik: Oh, that's so good to hear!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Olaf: I think we're gonna be BFFs.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Baleog: You got it.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Erik: I like the way you think.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Olaf: Yup! (Gibberish)
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Baleog: Look at us!
  • Olaf: Our graphics are amazing! We can't lose!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Erik: We've been to so many places, we're basically tour guides! This'll be easy!
Emoji The Lost Vikings Pack 1 The Lost Vikings Meh.png



  • Baleog: So you're what passes for a hero in this age.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Erik: This must be a bug. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be fighting you.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Olaf: Oh! Is that really your face or did it just get stuck like that?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Baleog: Hm, right. You just keep talking.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Erik: I already have an arch-enemy, you know. I do not need a new one.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Olaf: Huh... Any stupid people... (gibberish)

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio Background
vs. Abathur Erik: What kind of alien was that?

Olaf: (grumbling gibberish) what kind... What am I, an alien expert? I dunno!

Erik: What kind of alien was that?

Olaf: I don't know, I– I think I've seen him at BlizzCon.

vs. armored hero Baleog: That's what you get for hiding behind all that junk!
vs. bug hero Olaf: Bug off!
vs. candy hero Olaf: Mmm. Yum!
vs. Cho'gall Erik: Three heads are better than two, big guy!
vs. dwarf hero Erik: Have fun in Asgard!
vs. E.T.C. Baleog: It's a... a rocky road! (laughs)
vs. Gazlowe Baleog: Come on... I've smashed fancier robots than that!
vs. orc Baleog: Take that, Tomator! Tomator, the main villain and final boss in The Lost Vikings resembles Orcs.
vs. pandaren hero Olaf: Oh, teddy bear!
vs. The Lost Vikings Olaf: (laughs) Now you have to restart the level! (small laugh)
vs. hero with kill streak Baleog: Hah!

Erik: Don't mess with Vikings!

Olaf: That is right!

Generic Baleog: Say hi to Freya for me.
Baleog: Ha! Wrangled like a polar bear.
Baleog: Smashed like a disgusting vegetable!
Baleog: Hope you wrote down the level's password!
Erik: Enjoy Valhalla.
Erik: Crumbled like a Croutonian.
Erik: Who knew I was this good at fighting?
Olaf: That one was for my daughter Gerda!
Olaf: I gotta put that on Lifestyles of the Large and Bearded!
Olaf: Now for a donut.

Click-quotes[edit | edit source]

Quotes marked "Click-Quotes" are triggered when the player repeatedly clicks on the hero with the Left mouse button.

Quote Audio Background
poking Baleog Who do you think you are? Tomator?
Why, if I wasn't on the other side of this screen, I'd...
I have a quiver full of swords, and I know how to throw them!
Yeah, I'm the Fierce. You got a problem with that?
Wait a minute... The world's best navigators are Vikings? Huh... Clearly my friends and I are doing something wrong...
poking Erik I'm the fast, smart Viking. The fast, stupid Viking didn't make it past Lost Vikings 0.1.
Did you know that Olaf is a father of two? I have no idea how he manages that with being lost all the time.
The Nexus is pretty normal to me. You want weird? Go to Wacky World!
Why does Olaf keep following Chen around with his mouth open? Gross!
I once cooked minute rice in twenty-seven seconds. It means I'm Swift... Get it?
poking Olaf Ouchen! Why can you poke me in this game? I poken you back! (gibberish)
You are bad, and you should feel bad.
Thor's boars! Why are you still bothering me?
My shield doubles as a dinner tray. And a Lazy Susan. Spinnen Round and Rounden.
If you follow Chen around closely enough, with your mouth open. (whispered) That barrel of his leaks... Slurpity (gibberish).
  • Olaf: Hey, I think somebody poked me!
  • Erik: I'll poke ya! You're just imagining things.
  • Baleog: Oh! No! Somebody's definitely poking us!
  • Olaf: See?
  • Erik: Ya feel. Ya don't see poking.
  • Erik: Ow! Knock it off!
  • Baleog: He's right, Olaf's right! I saw that!
  • Olaf: I told ya!
  • Erik: Get lost, will ya?
  • Olaf: Done!
  • Baleog: He's not talking to you, you (gibberish)!
  • Olaf: Oh...
  • Erik: Seventeen years of nothing, and they bring us back for a MOBA! Huh, figures.
  • Baleog: It's not a MOBA, it's a Hero Brawler!
  • Olaf: Hero Brawler (gibberish). You made that up!
  • Baleog: Ugh. You guys are so getting us fired, do you know that?
While advertising and marketing Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard wanted to differentiate the game from MOBAs by referring it as a Hero Brawler, some suspect that this was done in order to appear more accessible and less complex.
  • Baleog: I'm gonna poke you in a minute!
  • Erik: Baleog! Calm down. Breathe. You're gonna blow a gasket!
  • Baleog: (panicked breathing)
  • Erik: Nice!
  • Olaf: You know, if we're going to be lost somewhere, at least this place is nice. Eh, kind of. No...
  • Olaf: Oooh! My tummy has never looked so high definition!
  • Erik: Huh, not sure I consider that an upgrade.
  • Erik: Whatever happened to Scorch and Fang?
  • Baleog: Eh, nobody remembers those guys.
  • Olaf: I do! Who could forget a dragon and marmoset?
  • Baleog: A marmo-marmo-what?
  • Olaf: A marmo-marmoset!
Scorch and Fang are the duo of a dragon and werewolf respectively, introduced in The Lost Vikings 2. There was a running gag where the vikings would confuse Fang for a multitude of mammals.
  • Erik: You ever get the feeling of déjà vu?
  • Baleog: For the four millionth, six hundred and forty-nine thousand, three hundred and fifty-fourth time... No!
  • Baleog: (yawn) This guy's not doing nothing... Wake me up when this is over.
  • Erik: No, wait!
  • Baleog: (snores) ...herring... (more snoring)
  • Erik: He's out. All right, what happens when we have to move?
  • Erik: Whew! How are you guys holding up? I think I need a bath.
  • Baleog: Bath? Vikings don't need no stinkin' baths!
  • Olaf: We don't need no stinkin' Vikings, either!
The Quote "Badges, we don't need no stinking badges!" is a paraphrase of a line of dialogue from the 1948 film "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"
  • Olaf: Do you think we'll ever see Tomator again?
  • Erik: Tomator? You mean Tommy. It was a little kid named Tommy.
  • Baleog: Maybe he's out there somewhere. (Clear throat) Tommy, can you hear me?
  • Olaf: Feed me! Feed me!
  • Baleog: Touch me!
  • Olaf: Uh, just so we're clear, I still have dibs on Erik's helmet.
  • Baleog: I get his boots!
  • Erik: Seventeen years! Nothing changes.
After clearing one of the first few levels in The Lost Vikings, Olaf and Baleog mention how they "Call Dibs" on Eric's helmet after he dies, much to his unamusement.
  • Erik: Ugh, That was just a reference!
  • Baleog: Yes Olaf, we're not dwarves, we're vikings! (giggling) Except for Erik. (giggles) He's a dwarf.
  • Erik: (mocking laugh) You take it back!

Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Quote Audio Background
Selected Baleog: Baleog here.
Want ol' Baleog to stab something?
(exasperated sigh) Hurry up already.
Yeah, I hear you.
Erik: Erik here.
I'm Erik – too fast, too furious.
What's the plan?
Of course you need me!
Olaf: Olaf.
Hey, it's Olaf!
Got donuts for Olaf?
Hidey ho!
Huh, what now?
What do you need?
All: Erik: We're all here!
Olaf: Everybody's listening.
Baleog: All the Vikings are ready to rock!
Move Baleog: My swords are sharp.
Pillage, plunder, set things on fire. (laughs)
The raid begins.
Let's get lost.
Any aliens here?
Fine with me.
Okay, let's go.
Erik: I'm on the hunt.
I'll take the lead.
Wait! Where am I going? Oh, nevermind.
I hope you have directions.
Right away!
Norse by Norsewest! It's probably a reference to Alfred Hitchcock's film North by Northwest.
Olaf: Is this real life?
Yeah, okay.
Huh, where do you get these ideas, anyway?
Bring me to the food.
I'm hungry. (gibberish) ...turkey.
Attack Baleog: I'm going to crush you like a geat!
It's clobbering time!
Freya, you better be watching this.
For swords and fjords!
Who needs a bow and arrow?
Let's see you catch this one!
Erik: Enough of your bleatin'!
Dashing through the foes!
I can attack in this game? Baleog is the only Viking who can attack in The Lost Vikings.
Take that! And this! And a few of these!
I never start things, but I sure do finish 'em.
Here's rocks in yer eye!
Olaf: Eat my shield!
Bada-boom (gibberish)!
You need some tenderizing.
Just like making goat cheese!
Time to work up an appetite.

Pings[edit | edit source]

Ping Quote Audio Background
Assist icon.png


Ally Baleog: We'd better help out before this gets bad.
Erik: Hey, someone needs help!
Olaf: Our pal needs help.
Self Baleog: I can do most things myself, but eh,... not this!
Erik: Uh, Vikings need armies to raid! Get over here!
Olaf: I thought I had a lot of friends. Where are you? Anyone?
Def icon.png


Baleog: We need defense over here.
Erik: Defend this area!
Olaf: We oughta defend this.
Structure Baleog: That structure is not going to defend itself, you know.
Erik: Trust me, we need to defend that structure.
Olaf: Defend that structure! It might have food inside!
Fort Baleog: Defend our fort before it falls apart!
Erik: Our fort needs to be defended!
Olaf: Our fort needs us!
Core Baleog: Defend our core, or we'll lose!
Erik: Defend our core!
Olaf: We gotta defend the core now!
Watchtower Baleog: Go defend this tower!
Erik: We should defend this tower!
Olaf: This tower needs us!
Ally Baleog: Hey, go guard that!
Erik: We must defend this!
Olaf: This thingy needs defending.
Danger icon.png


Baleog: Whoa, there's some trouble here.
Erik: Gah, this is a real mess.
Olaf: Oh! This looks worse than Baleog when he's just woken up. Angry jerken.
Omw icon.png

On My Way

Baleog: Need a hand? And by that, I mean a hand with a sword in it.
Erik: Be there before you know it!
Olaf: Olaf to the rescue!
Attack Baleog: Hurry up and attack this thing!
Erik: We should attack here, because I said so.
Olaf: Attack the thing!
Watchtower Baleog: Go take this tower!
Erik: We should claim this tower!
Olaf: I wanna take this tower in the name of Olaf.
Mercenaries Baleog: Take that mercenary camp, already.
Erik: These mercenaries would be useful. Take their camp!
Olaf: We need friends. Let's take this mercenary camp.
Fort Baleog: Sack and pillage this fort, friends.
Erik: That fort is vulnerable. Charge!
Olaf: That fort's got to go!
Core Baleog: Let's hit 'em where it hurts. No, not there... The core!
Erik: Quickly, attack their core!
Olaf: Strike the core like it's juicy and sweet!
Destroy Structure Baleog: Burn and pillage!
Erik: This structure cannot stand! Because I'm destroying it!
Olaf: Destroy this building. Then it's snack time! Pizza fries!
Enemy Baleog: I need to clobber something. How about this?
Erik: Let's demolish this, Viking-style!
Olaf: I want to smash this thing!
Enemy Baleog: We've got to kill this one soon, or I'm going to lose my temper. Again!
Erik: Someone better kill that hero!
Olaf: This hero needs a time out!
Missing Baleog: Hmph. That coward got away.
Erik: Wait a second, I'm sure I was just fighting someone!
Olaf: Disappearing enemies? Oh. This game is hard! Magic tricken voodoo.
Retreat Baleog: I don't like the word "retreat," so... let's attack in reverse, okay?
Erik: Head back or we're gonna end up as Viking stew.
Olaf: Oh... Even my shield can't handle this one! Retreat!
Objective Capture Baleog: Go capture this, already!
Erik: We need to capture this!
Olaf: Please capture this thing!
Collect Baleog: Time to plunder!
Erik: Ooh, I want that!
Olaf: Oh. That looks shiny!
Transport Baleog: This thing has got to move.
Erik: Really, this cannot stay here!
Olaf: Time to move this thingy!
Turn In Baleog: Here ya go.
Erik: A delivery!
Olaf: I brought some stuff.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Quotes in this section trigger when the player is in the Collection tab.

Use Quote Audio Background
Viewed in shop Locked Baleog: Vikings, assemble!
Owned Olaf: Hail, mighty keyboard warrior.
Waiting Locked Erik: Do you guys ever feel like we're being watched?
Olaf: Oh! Uh! Hey, you! The one with the teeth... Do you have any food?

Erik: Olaf, don't address the player! You're breaking the fourth wall!

Baleog: I've broken many more than four!

Owned Olaf: We've been waiting seventeen years for this!
Erik: Uh, I think we're supposed to say something witty right now.

Baleog: Then we're in trouble... You're as witty as cement!

Purchased Olaf: Yay! (gibberish) Are you gonna take us home?

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Use Quote Audio Background
Lock-in Erik: Where will we end up this time?
Try Mode Baleog: Let's get this party started.
Olaf: (gibberish) Losten Viking... Where are we now?

(Successfully capturing a merc camp or objective)

Erik: Oh, I've never seen such impressive graphics before!
Olaf: Whee! (gibberish)
Complimenting a Kill Baleog: Couldn't have done it better, myself!
Erik: Thor smiles on you.
Olaf: (gibberish) You're like an honorary Viking.
Near Low-Health Ally Baleog: Whoa, you need a healing fountain.
Erik: Heal yourself before you bleed all over my boots.
Olaf: Oh. You've got some bad booboos. Go heal!
Healed Baleog: I... I'm healed!? I love this game!
I could get used to these heals!
Ah, healing! It's like Freya's smiling on me.
Erik: Haven't healed like that since the Valkyrie!
Hah, who needs food now?
My thanks for that heal!
Olaf: Hehe. That tickles!
Heh, I feel likfe a new Olaf! Well, I guess I am.
That heal was better than lasagna! Eh... Maybe.
Hearthing Baleog: Eh, This is gettin' too ugly for me.
Erik: Let me go back and rethink this.
Olaf: Uh, Seems like a good time to head back for a donut.
Respawn Baleog reviving Baleog: I'm back, baby!
Baleog: Can't keep a good Viking down.
Baleog: How many lives we got left?
Erik reviving Erik: Am I home yet? Hm... nope.
Erik: Nobody took my stuff, right?
Olaf reviving Olaf: Oof! I need a bigger shield.
Olaf: I could really use some lasagna right now.
Olaf: Oh good, I'm back!
All Vikings reviving Erik: We're all back, just like old times.
Olaf: We're all in this together!
Baleog: Let's try that again! Without the dying part.
Resurrected Baleog: Well, at least I have infinite lives in this game.
Erik: My persistence is legendary!
Olaf: Oh. Should've brought food...
Taunting Baleog: Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt worse than Olaf.
Erik: I didn't defeat an evil vegetable overlord to deal with your crap.
Olaf: Don't make me use my secret gas attack.
Talent chosen Baleog: Yeah, we'll do that.
Hah, that'll be fun.
Erik: Ooo, interesting.
That takes finesse, you know!
Olaf: Ha, always wanted to do that!
I didn't even know we could do that!
Worth It

(Getting a kill

after getting killed)

Baleog: Eh, close enough.
Erik: Are you not entertained?
Olaf: Hey, that actually worked out! Sort of. (gibberish)
Comeback Baleog: Haha! Boom!

Erik: Now that's Nordic justice.

Olaf: You bet your sweet potato!

Team wiped Erik: We'll do better next time.

Baleog: Or worse.

Olaf: But we'll never stop trying!

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Use Quote Audio Background
Longboat Raid! Icon.png

Longboat Raid!

Baleog: I'm on a boat!
Erik: I'm the king of the world!
Olaf: Uh, I'm going to need a bigger boat!
Play Again! Icon.png

Play Again!

Baleog: Hey, guys! Get over here!
Erik: By the power of Odin!
Olaf: Valhalla rises...
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