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Event Quote Audio
Start of a Match What are we playing? Is this the one with the hero toys? Awesome, I love this game!
Pst... the good guys appeared, then the bad guys says: bwa ha ha, you will never defeat my heroes.
Heroes, get ready to fight. But I don't want to. Quiet, you. Get ready!
The heroes line up for battle.
Ten seconds left.
Let the battle begin!
The fight begins!
One half, one quarter... just kidding, let's go!
Talents Unlocked Oh, cool. That guys got a new talent.
My hero just unlocked a new talent... uhh, no...
Those new talents won't save you heroes!
Talent time!
Ha, my heroes got talents.
Player Abandons Ah, did that hero just leave? My toys can't just leave.
What happened to my toy? Come back!
Oh oh, I lost a hero. Uh, help me find it.
Player Rejoins A hero is back... I don't remember which one, but... welcome back!
There's my hero... oh, I think I lost a piece.
You're back, yah, game on!
Player Kills Haha, gotcha!
Ho, gotcha!
Nice job with that takedown!
Ok, that was pretty cool!
Stop killing my evil guys, no!
You've been vanquished villain!
Not stops the Heroes of the Storm!
Wow, what is this game rated?
That's the price of villany, vilain!
Double kill Nice, two in once!
Double takedown!
Two in a row!
Triple kill Three down!
Oh wow, that's three!
That's three!
Mega kill Mega awesomeness!
Oh, mega awesomeness!
Mega cool!
First blood First takedown!
Player Deaths Hey, I used to play with that one!
You will be avenged, hero... eventually... by someone.
That one was my favorite... do that again and I will break yours.
We will avenge you, hero...oh, and avenge yourself, that would do.
No fair... I still learning the rules!
Bwo-ha-ha-ha, your most important hero is off the table, you faind.
Killing spree ended That's so many takedowns! Best toy ever!
Spree over, but it was a good one.
Killing spree ended (ally) I think your allied spreed is over, by the way.
Enemy Team Wiped The bad guys all go down!
Killing Spree Tier 1 My heroes are on spree.
Tier 2 Mayhem!
Tier 3 Rampage!
Tier 3 Untochable!
Tier 4 Hero of the Storm!
Enemy Fort destroyed And then a forts goes pew!
Ha ha, villain, you fort cannot stop my heroes!
Oh, ok. That was cool!
A fort destroyed! Go forth fellow heroes.
No more fort, goodbye!
No, my evil fort! I want that!
Your fort is in ruin, villain! Oh yeah, but you stink! Rude!
Yah! What? I like when a fort explodes!
Enemy Keep destroyed Keep destroyed, that is a good thing!
No, my villainous keep!
Your keep will not protect you, villains!
Own Fort lost No, our fort! How could you, villains?
The hero has lost a fort, oh...
The hero has lost a fort, oh...
Hey, you broke my fort! You better pay for that.
¡Without that fort, you will never win!
Fort lost!
Own Keep lost The blow up a keep, no fair, your cheaters!
Leave your keeps alone, evil doors!
Haha, we got your precious keep, heroes!
Core is under attack Our core is under attack, fellow heroes!
My core is under attack, I need that... for reasons!
Victory Victory!
Wow. Uh, now I'm dizzy.
We did it, heroes! Memos for everyone!
Defeat Look's like we got a defeat, but that's ok!
Oh, that was fun! I wanna play again!
Uh, I lost? Whatever, that still a lot of fun. I will play again!
MVP Screen Current player scores an MVP MVP!
The magnificent vaults... of pizza?
Most violet pineapple!
Mega violent penguin?
A player gets 3 commendations Epic
A player gets 7 commendations Legendary!

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