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Basic Info
Title The Talon King
Franchise Warcraft Warcraft
Release Date
Base Stats
Attack Type
Health Regen
Unit Radius
Attack Speed
Attack Range
Attack Damage

Terokk is a proposed hero from the Blizzard Entertainment Warcraft franchise.

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The Terokk meme[edit | edit source]

The possibility of adding him has been discussed frequently by the fans. When Dehaka was being teased, some screenshots were posted. The first picture on twitter showed some dead minions and footprints leading to a bush.[1] Although most people correctly suspected it was Dehaka, others were more skeptical about the footprints. One redditor posted this thread explaining why he/she thought it was Terokk.[2] Others wishfully suspected Vol'jin riding a raptor mount. Then the jokes began of Terokk riding a raptor mount.

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