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Usage[edit source]

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Junkrat Skin Template Usage
Legendary Wiseguy The Scarlet Heist
Backstory: Jamison “The Wiseguy” Fawkes was responsible for many of the most explosive heists in New Tirisfal’s history. Unfortunately, he has a habit of blowing up his loot along with his targets.
Features: Themed abilities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of The Scarlet Heist.
Junkrat Wiseguy.jpg
Gem.png525 / Shard.png600
Junkrat Wiseguy High Roller.jpg
Gem.png525 / Shard.png600
High Roller
Junkrat Wiseguy Henchman.jpg
Gem.png525 / Shard.png600
Junkrat Wiseguy Slick.jpg
Gem.png525 / Shard.png600
Junkrat Wiseguy Prankster.jpg
Gem.png525 / Shard.png600