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Usage[edit source]

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Genji Skin Template Usage
Rare / Epic Cybernetic Ninja
Backstory: Once the carefree youngest scion of the Shimada clan, Genji was cut down by his own brother for refusing to take part in their illegal ventures. Grafted into a cyborg body by Overwatch, Genji walks his own path as one who fights for what's right.
Genji Cybernetic Ninja.jpg
Gem.png750 / Money.png10,000
Cybernetic Ninja
Genji Carbon Fiber.jpg
Carbon Fiber
Genji Fire.jpg
Genji Golden.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Genji Nihon.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Genji Lunar.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Lunar FestivalLunar
Genji Chromatic.jpg
Gem.png375 / Shard.png450
Limited-Time OfferChromatic