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Usage[edit source]

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{{Skin/E.T.C./Glam Metal}}
E.T.C. Skin Template Usage
Rare Glam Metal
Backstory: The Elite Tauren Chieftan has been rocking the world for a long time, man. He's seen fashions come and fashions go, but neon pants and feathered hair? Those are forever.
E.T.C. Glam Metal.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
E.T.C. Glam Metal Platinum.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
E.T.C. Glam Metal Azure.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
E.T.C. Glam Metal Leopard.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100
E.T.C. Glam Metal New.jpg
Gem.png160 / Shard.png100