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Usage[edit source]

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{{Skin/Diablo/Prime Evil}}
Diablo Skin Template Usage
Legendary Prime Evil
Backstory: After twenty years, all seven essences swirled within the Black Soulstone. With Adria's final betrayal, the seven were combined into one, giving rise to the reborn Diablo... the Prime Evil.
Features: Replaced voice-over.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of character's post-change skins.
Diablo Prime Evil.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Diablo Prime Evil Nightmare.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Diablo Prime Evil Toxic.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Diablo Prime Evil Horrific.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Diablo Prime Evil Timeless.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600