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Usage[edit source]

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Dehaka Skin Template Usage
Legendary Dehakasaurus Rex Toys
Backstory: From this summer's blockbuster, Dehakasaurus Rex is on the hunt! With spring-loaded chomping action and patented dino-grasper technology, this beast will tear through playtime like razor-sharp teeth through its prey.
Features: Altered voice-over, themed abilities, themed animations.
Dehaka Dehakasaurus Rex.jpg
Gem.png600 / Shard.png1,200
Dehaka Dehakasaurus Rex Dinometal.jpg
Gem.png600 / Shard.png1,200
Dehaka Dehakasaurus Rex Playtime.jpg
Gem.png600 / Shard.png1,200
Dehaka Dehakasaurus Rex Ferocious.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Dehaka Dehakasaurus Rex X-Treme.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800