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Usage[edit source]

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Chromie Skin Template Usage
Legendary Techno Vandal Caldeum Complex
Backstory: Chromie, the leader of the Azure Dragons is an elusive hacker and anti-corporate street artist. Lately, her work has taken a turn for the dark, as if she sees something sinister rising from beneath the city.
Features: Themed abilities, themed animations.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Caldeum Complex skins.
Chromie Techno Vandal.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Chromie Techno Vandal Jade.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Chromie Techno Vandal Amber.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800