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For use with Ability, Trait, and Heroic Ability sections on Hero pages. To be used in conjunction with hero plate. For Heroic Ability pages, please use the talent template.

 |image= IconAdrenalineRushRaynor.png
 |name= Ability Name
 |key= Q
 |category= Skillshot
 |resource= Mana
 |cost= 50
 |cd= 30
 |description= Text and things here.
Ability Name (Q) [Skillshot]
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Text and things here.


Categories[edit source]

Categories still need to be formalized, but the following are currently used:

  • Area of Effect. The effect affects multiple units in a circular area.
  • Cone. The effect affects multiple units in a cone originating from the hero.
  • Channeled. The effect will end if the hero moves or attacks.
  • Skillshot. The effect does not target a unit or building, but instead a direction or location that may collide with an enemy/enemies.
  • Toggle. The effect is turned on and off instead of having a single effect on use.