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Team League was a game mode for Heroes of the Storm that allowed players to play ranked games with all party sizes, including solo players. On March 26, 2019, Hero League and Team League have been merged into a single ranked queue: Storm League.

Former Content[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

In Team League games, pre-made teams of two, three, or five go up against each other. It's you and your friends against the Nexus. Once you've got a solid crew, this one is the mode for you. If you still need a few more friends to complete your ideal team, you can always Recruit a Friend.

Choose team league if:

  • You're ready to take on the greatest challenge the game has to offer
  • You have a reliable group of friends ready to tear it up in the Nexus
  • You are a competitive solo players and want the opportunity to find groups of players to play with in a ranked queue.
  • You really want those exclusive rewards

While players will need to have access to at least 16 Heroes in order to play Team League, there are still no minimum Hero level requirements in order to queue for Team League matches.

Two, three, or five player groups who select the "ranked" tab will be able to ready up. Two player groups will be matched with three player groups. There is usually a shortage of three player groups and so queue times are much shorter if you can find a third. Try joining the Team League channels by typing "/join TeamLeague" and "/join Team League" into chat.

Wait time[edit | edit source]

Team League matchmaking allows players to wait indefinitely until the system finds a reasonable match for their skill level. When average queue times for 2-player parties in Team League become lengthy, the leaders from additional 2-player parties attempting to enter the queue will see a warning message that they may be in for a long wait. When this occurs, the party leader can choose to enter the lengthy queue if they are willing to wait, or cancel the queue to find additional party members and get a match more quickly.[1]

Ranking[edit | edit source]

All players must play 10 placement matches in order to receive an initial ranking for Team League. Rankings are identical to HL, and there are no restrictions on who can form parties. Placement accounts can queue with bronze and grandmaster accounts at the same time, though of course matchmaking may struggle to balance you versus your opponents.

Drafting[edit | edit source]

Main article: Draft

Upon finding a match, a player will enter Draft Mode. Unlike Hero League's Draft Mode, however, Team League will make use of the First Come, First Served (FCFS) version of draft selection. With FCFS, there is no set pick order for the players on each team. While a coin toss will still decide which team picks first, and teams will still make selections using the 1-2-2-2-2-1 format, individual players are free to select their heroes in any order they like when it is their team’s turn to pick.[2]

Take advantage of this by picking highly contested heroes first, and heroes you don't want your opponents to counterpick last.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The current season rewards can be found through a link in-game. Additionally, Team League rewards +50% bonus experience at the end of the match, and an additional +25% to +50% based on your party size. Don't forget to add at least one ally as a friend to get that bonus as well!

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