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Due to this page having all the details necessary, I suggest the removal of the pages Charged Ability and Cooldown reduction. I'd do it myself but I do not know how. - Demolij

I have done a redirect.. Thank you for your help! And feel free to improve those pages! --LemonBaby (talk) 06:16, 3 February 2018 (UTC)

"Some abilities with a lasting or delayed effect (such as Xul's Cursed Strikes) will not count down the cooldown until the ability has completed its effect to prevent abuse of mechanics or the stacking of permanent units like Abathur's Monstrosity."

I have edit this part because it is wrong (even with the exemple given), Cursed strikes of xul Cd start on his first hit and not once the effect is complete.

A counter-example of the intention you gived the dev here is than you can reduce the CD of Cursed Strikes by 12sec with Grim Scythe (lvl 4 talent) with the 4 sec of duration of the ability you end with a 0 sec delay without the effect and abuse of this stéroïde mechanic

"Cooldowns are a major limiter in how often a hero can utilize their powerful abilities. Stronger abilities such as Heroics have longer cooldowns to give the enemy a chance to take advantage of the temporary loss of an ability. Some abilities will have much shorter cooldowns and a weaker effect, which lets the hero constantly have the benefits of the ability, but then the ability might be constrained by mana costs due to how often it is cast."

I also dislike this part because this is a subjective interpretation of the dev will, and not objectif observation of how the game work but will not edit it

- Nuxation 07/02/2018