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Upon the Death of a body of an enemy Hero, all allies within assist range are granted a Takedown. Bodies of other Heroic Targets, ie. Heroic Pets and Vehicles, do not generally grant a Takedown. Exceptions to latter are Misha and D.Va's Mech, which both grant a Takedown despite being Heroic Pets. All Heroic Targets eligible for granting a Takedown always grant full benefits, regardless of the body granting a full XP on death or not. Some Abilities gain bonuses upon Takedowns.

List of Abilities and Talents that benefit from Takedowns[edit | edit source]

  • Sadism (Trait)- Takedowns increase Sadism, lost on death
  • Fuel for the Flame (lvl1)- Takedowns permanently increase Consuming Blaze heal
  • The Will of Cho (lvl20)- Takedowns permanently increase Ogre Hide Armor bonus
  • Essence Collection (Trait) - Takedowns grant Essence
  • Hero Stalker (lvl4) - Increases Essence gain from Takedowns
  • Black Soulstone (Trait) - Takedowns grant Souls
  • GGWP (lvl16) - Takedowns refresh Call Mech cooldown
  • The Will of Gall - Takedowns permanently increase Ogre Rage damage bonus
  • Wizened Duelist (lvl7) - Takedowns increase Basic Attack damage, lost on death
  • Unending Hatred (lvl1) - Takedowns permanently increase Basic Attack damage
  • Queen's Rush (lvl13) Takedowns temporarily grant Move Speed buff
  • Critical Mass (Trait) - Takedowns reset all Ability cooldowns
  • Dominance (lvl4) - Takedowns restore Health
  • Maximum Tempo (lvl1) - Quest: Takedowns permanently increase Amped Speed Boost
  • Reaper of Souls (lvl20) - Takedowns temporarily increase Tormented Souls duration
  • Mental Acuity (lvl7) - Takedowns permanently reduce Oracle cooldown
  • Untouchable (lvl4) - Takedowns increase Basic Attack damage, lost on death
  • Master Assassin (lvl7) - Takedowns permanently increase Attack Speed
  • Grim Task (lvl4) - Takedowns increase Spell Power, lost on death
  • Let the Killing Begin (lvl4) - Takedowns temporarily increase Attack Speed

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