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Surrendering is in some MOBAs ((Massive Online Battle Arena)) a vote allowing summoners to end the game prematurely. 'League of Legends' is one of the few MOBA's to feature a surrender option. Blizzard has stated, that there are no plans to add a surrender button to Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard on adding a Surrender option[edit | edit source]

As a final note, we wanted to address the issue of a Surrender option. For now, we do not believe the addition of a Surrender option is needed in Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm matches are designed to be fast-paced, action packed, and played in under twenty minutes. In our experience, the community's feedback, and internal data has shown that there are ample opportunities to mount a comeback. We believe the game is never officially over until the core is destroyed. Adding a Surrender option could tempt players to bail out at the slightest setback, removing focus from the game and potentially introduce even more toxic behavior.[1]

Posted by Trikslyr[edit | edit source]

I'm sorry to hear you had a teammate leave a match you were in. That's really unfortunate, and if they do it enough they'll be tossed in leaver queue (Hopefully that helps the sting a bit).

That said, there are no plans to add a surrender button. We like that Heroes of the Storm has the potential to produce strong comebacks. A surrender button would undermine those potential games.[2]

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