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Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Availability Quote Audio Background
Default Darkshire, I Hunger
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40 Playtime
Rend and Tear
Stitches Smash!

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio Background
Emoji Murky Pack 1 Murky Happy.png


  • Stitches: Playtime?
  • Murky: <Response indicating he is excited and ready to fight>
  • Murky: <Playfully questioning the person next to him>
  • Stitches: Stitches like funny friend.
Emoji Sgt. Hammer Pack 1 Sgt. Hammer Happy.png

Sgt. Hammer

  • Stitches: You tank, me spank!
  • Sgt. Hammer: Ugh, why you gotta say it like that?
  • Sgt. Hammer: Think you can keep up with me, big feller?
  • Stitches: Stitches ready to play now.
Emoji Uther Pack 1 Uther Happy.png


  • Stitches: Beard man and Stitches play together!
  • Uther: I'm not dignifying that with a response.
  • Uther: By the light! What kind of abomination are you!?
  • Stitches: (laughs) Best kind!
Emoji Stitches Pack 1 Stitches Happy.png


  • Stitches: You ready for dis?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: Ready to smash?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: Stitches ready to play!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: Gonna be fun!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: Muahaha.
Emoji Stitches Pack 1 Stitches ROFL.png



  • Stitches: You good friend!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: We go smash together! Smash smash!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: That good plan.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: Me like.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: Long as Stitches get to smash, Stitches happy!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: Stitches gonna kill them till they die!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: No one stop us! We smash 'em all!
Emoji Stitches Pack 1 Stitches Meh.png



  • Stitches: Stitches no like you.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Stitches: You be quiet. No ruin smash-time!

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio Background
vs. Muradin Hah, beard-man go squish!
vs. Nova Me not afraid of no ghost!
vs. Stitches Stitches greater than you, pudgy!
vs. Sylvanas Big ears, tasty!
vs. Gazlowe Me broke tinker toy...
vs. hero with kill streak Stitches smash!
Generic Playtime over for you.
Stitches play too rough.
It okay. Corpse plaything too!
Playmate dead? Stitches angry!
No more play.

Click-quotes[edit | edit source]

Quotes marked "Click-Quotes" are triggered when the player repeatedly clicks on the hero with the Left mouse button.

Quote Audio Background
What we do? One of the Abomination's select quotes from Warcraft III.
Can Stitches play now?
Abercrombie and Stitch my favorite clothes.
Me gift for Darkshire! Huh? Where Darkshire go?
Me from best nation on Azeroth: Abomination! The Abomination's design, as a, hulking, but not very intelligent, undead monster with a cleaver and a hook is similar to Stitches. Additionally, in the original Warcraft III DOTA, the Abomination's model was used for Pudge, who used many skills referencing Stitches.
(laughs) Ow. Sides split.
Not fat. Big boned.
Me got more guts than anyone!
Dere's dis one, and dis one. Hmm. Me not know what dis one is.
Get in my belly!
Lookie, lookie, me got hookie!
Rocky... road?
You boring. Stitches want to play now!
Naked good. Clothes bad.
Less talk. More action. Please?

Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Quote Audio Background
Move I hear and obey. Spawn quote of Abominations in Warcraft III.
Me do, me do.
This way?
Going as fast as can.
Me go.
(passive growl)
Attack Hungry for flesh!
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Rend and tear!
Tear meat!
Not Enough


Mana low!
Low mana.
Need mana.

Pings[edit | edit source]

Ping Quote Audio Background
Assist icon.png


Ally Help friend!
Self Stitches not doing good.
Ow! Help!
Def icon.png


Stitches want defend here.
Structure This need defend.
No let enemy smash.
Fort Defend fort.
Core Defend core!
Watchtower Defend watch tower.
Ally We defend.
Defend, this one.
Danger icon.png


Uh oh!
Bad things!
Omw icon.png

On My Way

Me going.
Stitches on way.
Attack Stitches want attack here.
Watchtower Friends should take watch tower.
Mercenaries Maybe take merc camp.
Fort We smash fort!
Core Me say, destroy core!
Destroy Structure Smash to bits!
Smash! Smash!
Enemy This must die.
We play with this one?
Enemy Kill this one!
Missing Huh, where playmate go?
Stitches not find enemy!
Retreat Run now.
Must retreat, quick!
Objective Capture Me say, take this!
Capture thing!
Collect Friends, take these.
Must collect.
Transport Move thing, fast.
We move this?
Turn In Turn in, now.
Should turn in things.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Quotes in this section trigger when the player is in the Collection tab.

Use Quote Audio Background
Viewed in shop Locked (growls) What want?
Owned Stitches know you...
Waiting Locked Stitches want to play! You play too?
Bored. Me done waiting.
Owned Me dead sexy.
Stitches not just piece of meat, you know.
Purchased You good friend. Good friend!

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Use Quote Audio Background
Lock-in Stitches want to play!
Try Mode Stitches show you good time!
Ready to smash!
Complimenting a Kill Smash 'em all!
Good kill.
Near Low-Health Ally You... need heal! Go to Fountain.
You hurt bad. Should heal now.
Healed Healing make Stitches happy!
That feel good!
You good healer!
Hearthing Must retreat.
Must pull back.
Respawn Darkshire! I hunger!
So hungry...
Stitches back for more!
Resurrected You save me? You best friend!
Stitches back for more!
Taunting Stitches gonna find you!
Let's play!
Talent chosen Me like.
Good! Good!
Stitches strong!
(satisfied laughter)
Playtime gonna be fun!
Worth It

(Getting a kill

after getting killed)

Yes! Worth it.
Ha! Nothing stop Stitches.
Comeback Catching up to enemy! Keep killing!
Team wiped It okay. We smash 'em next time.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Use Quote Audio Background
Putrid Bile Icon.png

Putrid Bile

(disgusting laughter)
Gorge Icon.png


Ready to play?
You, with me.

Announcer[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio Background
Start of a Match Players spawning You get ready for combat!
Players spawning (playing as the same hero) Uh... Stitches hear self in head. Confused.
Get ready, we gonna kill them all.
Ugh, Stitches hate waiting.
Countdown Done waiting! We start in...
Ten seconds.
Battle begins Let battle begin!
Time to kill!
Talents Unlocked Choose talent.
Player Abandons Haha. Weakling run away!
Player Rejoins Weakling back? Good.
Player Kills Haha. Good kill!
Enemy dead.
That good one.
Kill! Kill...
Double kill Two dead.
Triple kill Three!
Quadruple kill Four!
Mega kill Five!
First blood First blood!
Player Deaths Dead now.
Everything all grey.
Ow. That hurt!
Death on a killing spree Killing spree over.
Ally death on a killing spree Team killing spree end.
Enemy Team Wiped Enemy dominated.
Killing Spree Tier 1
(5 takedowns)
Killing spree.
Tier 2
(10 takedowns)
Tier 3
(15 takedowns)
Tier 4
(20 takedowns)
Hero of the Storm.
Enemy Fort destroyed Fort destroyed.
Fort smashed.
Friends destroy fort.
Good! Smash fort! Smash it!
Note: Lines reused for destroying Enemy Keeps.
Own Fort lost Fort lost.
Enemy destroy fort.
We lose fort. Bad thing.
Note: Lines reused for destroying Allied Keeps.
Core is under attack Core under attack.
Enemy attack core!
Victory Victory.
Stitches happy.
Friends do good!
Defeat Ugh. Defeat.
(groans) No like lose.
Stitches not happy.

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