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Snowballing is a concept in video games that refers to someone gaining an advantage that puts them ahead far enough to keep gaining more and more advantages, often without having to do much for it, simply because of the first advantage they got.

It's often something that is looked at negatively in gaming when it shouldn't necessarily be. The negative part about snowballing is the fact that it feels unfair for the losing team. If you are better than your opponent, you push the advantages you have as far as possible, and therefore gain even more – meaning, you snowball the game in your favor. Instead of looking at this in a negative light, you should rather be the one trying to do it every game.

Comeback Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Blizzard recognized this weakness in the MOBA genre and created Heroes of the Storm using anti-snowball mechanics as the foundation of their game. It makes both sides have to play at 100% the entire game, which leads to incredibly fun and engaging fights that have no clear cut victory until the very end.

In Heroes of the Storm, the EXP you gain from low-level heroes during early game ganks is of very small size, and a few successful late-game gank can easily make up for a disastrous 15-0 early-mid game stomp. Also, the death timer gets longer the higher your level, and level difference matters; if the level difference gets too much, your enemies will respawn way faster than you and give a pittance of EXP when killed. Meanwhile, you become an exp pinata, and every team death will cost your team more than it cost theirs. Add the various optional but extremely powerful secondary objectives, and the snowballing so prevalent in the MOBA genre is averted.