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Valla affected by Sleep.

Sleep icon.pngSleep is a debuff effect that Stuns the target. Sleep is removed with the first damage taken after 0.5 seconds. Damage over Time effects applied before that point do not interrupt Sleep.

Abilities/Talents[edit | edit source]

  • Ana's ability, "Sleeping Dart", puts the first enemy Hero hit to Sleep for 3 seconds.
  • Ana's level 20 talent, "Somnolent Doses", adds an additional effect to her "Shrike" trait, putting enemy Hero to Sleep for 2 seconds upon stacking 5 Doses on them.
  • Deckard's level 10 heroic ability, "Stay Awhile and Listen", puts enemy Heroes in its area of effect to Sleep for up to 3 seconds while Channeling the ability, and for 2 seconds after.
  • Mal'Ganis' ability, "Night Rush", puts enemy Heroes to Sleep for 2.5 seconds when he passes through them.
    • His level 13 talent, "Deep Sleep", increases the Sleep duration to 3.25 seconds.
  • Mal'Ganis' level 20 talent, "Seeker Swarm", upgrades "Carrion Swarm" to send out bats that Sleep nearby enemy heroes for 2.5 seconds after "Carrion Swarm" expires.