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Skeletal Pirate

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Skeletal pirate
Targetinfopanel unit bb merc doublooncamp.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 600 (+6 per Minute)
Base Damage (Camp) 20 (+0.2 per Minute)
Attack Speed 1
Abilites None
Maps Blackheart's Bay
Spawns after 1:30 minutes
Respawn delay 2:30 minutes

Skeletal pirates (aka Doubloon Camps) are mercenaries found on Blackheart's Bay. They are found in groups of 2. Skeletal pirates first spawn 1:30 minutes into the game and respawn after 2:30 minutes.

Skeletal pirates are very easily captured and do not grant mercenaries when defeated but do grant 2 Doubloons. They require to be captured by standing on the capture point uncontested for .75 seconds to drop the Doubloons and the XP.

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