Skeletal Pirate

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Skeleton pirate
Targetinfopanel unit bb merc doublooncamp.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 600 (+6 per Minute)
Base Damage (Camp) 20 (+0.2 per Minute)
Attack Speed 1
Abilites None
Maps Blackheart's Bay
Spawns after 1:30 minutes
Respawn delay 2:30 minutes

Skeleton pirates (aka Doubloon Camps) are monsters found on Blackheart's Bay. They are found in groups of 2.

Skeleton pirates are very easily captured and do not grant mercenaries when defeated but do grant 2 Doubloons. They require to be captured, like other camps, to drop coins and XP. They first spawn 1:30 minutes into the game and respawn after 2:30 minutes.

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