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Skeletal Defender

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Skeletal Defender
Targetinfopanel unit infernalshrines merc punisher defender.png
Monster Information
ID CursedShrineMinion
Base Health 400
Base Damage 40
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 0.5
Base Kill XP 0 XP
Map Infernal Shrines

Skeletal Defenders are monsters unique to the Infernal Shrines battleground.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Main article: Infernal Shrines

Periodically the shrines gather magical energy. When a hero activates it, Skeletal Defenders appear. The Skeletal Defenders spawn in 0.15 second intervals until 10 monsters exist. From that point, a 5-second timer starts, which triggers another Skeletal Defender spawn. The first team to kill 40 of them will summon a Punisher for their team. Punishers will go after enemy heroes first, using everything in their arsenal to wreak havoc.

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