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A Singularity

Every Realm within the Nexus has one stone called a Singularity. Claiming it will make you the Realm Lord and grants you an almost demigod-like status[1], but not immortal.[2]

The power a singularity provides its realm lord is tightly tied to that individual. A singularity has a kind of intelligence that binds it to the one who has control; they aren’t mere objects that can be stolen or passed along. They must be achieved through conquest. Anyone who isn’t a realm lord can’t even corporally connect with one.[2]

If a Realm dies through chaos, destruction or war, the Singularity also dies. All that remains from it is a "Singularity Shell".[3] During the course of a massive war between the fractured forces of the realm of Iresia, they destroyed themselves and shattered their universe's singularity, which they referred to as the "mother crystal".[4] Qhira is now a holder of a singularity shard from Iresia.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A singularity is the reward inside every core in the game. They can be seen at the end of each game during the destruction of the core and the subsequent victory screen.
  • When Orphea inadvertently connects with the Raven Court singularity while in combat with her father, the Raven Lord, it actually reacts. This dramatically spikes the Raven Lord’s fury. The implication being Orphea was actually in the midst of contesting for control of the realm (even if that wasn’t her direct intention when confronting her father).[2]
    • There is a Singularity Shell lying around between bushes at the north eastern part of the Dragon Shire.

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