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Shards are alongside Gold and Gems a virtual currency within Heroes of the Storm.

Shards can be used to forge specific cosmetic items that you're looking to add to your collection. Varying amounts of Shards can appear in your Loot Chest drops, and any duplicate items you receive in a Loot Chest will automatically fragment into Shards.

Amounts[edit | edit source]

Shards can be rewarded in the following amounts. Every amount represents only a fraction of the shard cost of an item with the same rarity.

Type Amount Fraction
Common Shards Shard.png 20 1/2
Rare Rare Shards Shard.png 50 1/2
Common Duplicate Item Shard.png 5 1/8
Rare Rare Duplicate Item Shard.png 20 1/5
Epic Epic Duplicate Item Shard.png 100 1/4
Legendary Legendary Duplicate Item Shard.png 400 1/4