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Targetinfopanel unit gardenofterror merc flower melee.png
Monster Information
Base Health 800
Base Damage 100
Attack Speed 1.5
Attack Range 0.5
Map Garden of Terror

Shamblers are plant-like monsters in the Garden of Terror battleground.

Starting at 2:30, a seed spawns in one of the four “corner” spawn locations of the map. Protecting the seed are four Shamblers with medium-high hit points and medium-low DPS. Once the shamblers are killed or distracted, a hero must channel the seed for 5 seconds to capture it. Once a seed is captured, it's a random time between 50-80 seconds until the next Shamblers spawn.

When the third seed is gathered, three Garden Terrors will immediately spawn and burrow to the front line of the winning team's lanes, bolstering their pushing efforts.

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