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Basic Info
Title High Executor of the Daelaam
Franchise StarCraft StarCraft
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Selendis is a proposed hero from the Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft franchise.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

Selendis is a Templar Caste warrior of the protoss who rose to the rank of Executor. When the protoss homeworld of Aiur fell to the zerg, Selendis was part of the evacuation to the Nerazim world of Shakuras. Under the orders of Artanis, she took part in a mission alongside Zeratul to reclaim survivors from the planet of Aiur, a mission that was compromised by an attack by the Nerazim extremist Ulrezaj. In the aftermath of the evacuation, Selendis became a student of Artanis, learning under him even as he ascended to leader of the united protoss, or Daelaam. In the uneasy peace following the war, she aided the terran Jacob Ramsey and the protoss preserver Zamara in their attempts to extract Zamara from Ramsey's mind, and fought in the final battle against Ulrezaj that led to his imprisonment.

Selendis aided Artanis as he struggled to keep the divided protoss tribes and factions together under one banner, while supporting the construction of the Golden Armada, a fleet of warships created to retake Aiur. Meanwhile she commanded smaller operations, such as the recovery of the ancient colossus walkers. When the zerg under Sarah Kerrigan returned, Selendis took a fleet to fortify the borders of protoss space. However, terran refugees fleeing the zerg settled on the colony of Haven, and Selendis prepared to purify it. She was stopped by terran rebel and friend to the protoss Jim Raynor, who moved to protect the colony. Selendis's and Raynor's forces clashed, with Raynor pushing her back and saving Haven.

Though the peace continued to be uneasy on Shakuras, in 2506, the Golden Armada was ready, and moved on Aiur. Though Zeratul, who was in exile, warned them of the return of the fallen xel'naga Amon, Artanis and Selendis continued the invasion nonetheless, but encountered protoss/zerg hybrid on the surface commanding the zerg left on the world. Soon, Selendis lost contact with Artanis, and helped Zeratul in hunting him down by sending her phase-smith, Karax, to aid him. However, events took a turn when it was revealed Amon had seized control of the protoss mind-link of the Khala, taking control of Selendis and her fleet. While Artanis and his protoss escaped, Selendis became nothing more than a puppet for Amon.

Under the possessed Selendis, the Golden Armada was used as a tool to purify planet after planet in Amon's crusade to exterminate all life. However, Artanis rallied the freed protoss together, and after dealing blows to Amon's plans, returned to Aiur with a relic named the Keystone that could drive Amon from the Khala. Selendis and her fleet returned to Aiur, and after a fierce battle the Keystone pulled Amon from Selendis and her warriors. Though trepid to lose the Khala, Selendis severed her nerve cords linking herself to it. Amon was driven from the material universe, and Selendis freed.

Two years later, Selendis aided Artanis in a joint protoss, terran and zerg operation into Amon's home realm of the Void, destroying the fallen xel'naga once and for all.

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