Secrets of the Storm

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Secrets of the Storm
Secrets of the Storm.png
Book Information
Issue number #2
Author(s) Valerie Watrous
Artist(s) Suqling, Peter Lee
Pages 10
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Release date June 25, 2018
Previous issue Rise of the Raven Lord
Next issue Fall of King's Crest
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Secrets of the Storm is the second Heroes of the Storm-themed comic. It is centered around Deckard Cain and the Lady of Thorns, and was released on June 25, 2018.

Story[edit | edit source]

While Deckard Cain wanders around the forests of Dragon Shire, he is attacked by some knights who are looking for a girl called Orphea. Orphea joins the clash and helps Cain defeating the knights. Deckard Cain and Orphea team up to find a solution for the Dark Nexus threat raised by the Raven Lord. They come to Raena the Lady of Thorns and Realm Lord of Dragon Shire, for help and warn her about the danger coming.

The Lady of Thorns tells them that her control of her Realm hangs by a thread as they are only loyal to her husband. The King of Dragon Shire was claimed by a curse turning his body to stone. Raena herself is also affected by a curse that entangles her skin with thorn vines slowly turning her into stone. Nevertheless, Raena calls on her greatest allies from across the lands and marches with them forward to battle the Raven Lord and his champions in Alterac Pass.

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  • The Secrets of the Storm comic sets up the lore and the central conflict behind the Alterac Pass battleground.

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