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Samuro Skins
Rare The Blademaster
Backstory: Samuro, the last remaining blademaster to wear the banner of the Burning Blade, is on a warrior's pilgrimage in search of vengeance and redemption for his fallen clan. It will be a long journey, but he has sworn an oath to restore his clan's honor.
Samuro The Blademaster.jpg
Gem.png750 / Money.png10,000
The Blademaster
Samuro Warsong.jpg
Samuro Shattered Hand.jpg
Shattered Hand
Samuro Dark Hand.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Dark Hand
Rare Burning Blade
Backstory: There are no clans in the New Horde, but Samuro will not abandon the Burning Blade. Adorned in his family's ancestral armor, he will fight under both banners until his clan's honor is restored.
Samuro Burning Blade.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Samuro Burning Blade Pallid.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Samuro Burning Blade Amber.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Samuro Burning Blade Draenor.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Samuro Burning Blade Fel.jpg
Gem.png120 / Shard.png75
Epic Hellblade
Backstory: The Blackrock chieftain is dead and the Doomhammer has been stolen. Samuro may have failed to protect his master, but he has sworn to exact vengeance upon the Warlord of the Ashwolf clan.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Warcraft alternative shared history skins.
Samuro Hellblade.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Samuro Hellblade Felblade.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Samuro Hellblade Shadowmoon.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Samuro Hellblade Warsong.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png400
Legendary Monkey King
Backstory: The Legend of the Monkey King has spread wide, across both earthly and heavenly realms alike. It is no wonder his incredible fighting spirit was drawn to the conflicted lands of the Nexus.
Features: Themed abilities, replaced voice-over, themed animations.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of holiday skins.
Samuro Monkey King.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Samuro Monkey King Jade.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Samuro Monkey King Super.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Samuro Monkey King Midnight.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Samuro Monkey King Genius.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600
Samuro Monkey King Golden.jpg
Gem.png750 / Shard.png1,600