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Most heroes have a resource that limits how frequently they can use abilities, in addition to the cooldowns for individual abilities. A hero cannot use an ability without having the required amount of his or her resource. Resources are displayed just below the heroes' health bar, both on the bottom-left of the screen by the heroes' portrait, and directly above the heroes' model.

Types of Resources[edit | edit source]

Mana[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mana

Most heroes use Mana. It has a maximum of 500 at level 1, plus 10 per level up, to a maximum of 790 at level 30. A hero's mana restores over time based on their mana regen, and a hero cannot use an ability if they do not have enough mana to fulfill its mana cost. Mana regenerates constantly at a rate of 3 per second at level 1, plus 0.0976 per level up, to a maximum of 5.8304 per second at level 30. Heroes can also pick up Regeneration Globes that restore 7% of maximum Mana over 5 seconds.

Mana is used as a way to add another layer of depth to sustain. There is little counterplay to heroes that can poke at the enemy with no repercussions, but if they use their abilities too much they can run out of mana giving the opponent a chance to take advantage of their weakness. Sometimes it is best for heroes to hold onto their abilities for when you really need them so they don't go "out of mana" (OOM).

Unique Resources[edit | edit source]

  • Auriel uses yellow Energy that scales with her level, and most of her abilities have no cost. Energy starts empty and is generated based on the damage dealt by her or the ally affected by her Trait Bestow Hope. The only ability that interacts with her resource is Ray of Heaven which consumes all stored Energy to heal allied heroes in an AoE based on the Energy consumed. The more Energy she has, the stronger the healing effect. Talents cause Ray of Heaven to only partially drain Energy, and can also increase the max size of her Energy pool.
  • Chen uses yellow Brew that caps out at 100, and is consumed to use abilities. It does not increase or decrease passively, and is regenerated by channeling his Trait which grants 50 Brew per second while channeling. Chen has a talent to remove the Brew cost of Flying Kick, and another that grants bonuses while at and either above or below 50 Brew.
  • Deathwing uses orange Energy that caps out at 100, and is consumed to use abilities. Energy regenerates at the rate of 5 per second even while using abilities. Most of Deathwing's Energy is used to channel his powerful Molten Flame ability, which costs Energy to cast and maintain. Some talents reduce Energy costs.
  • Gazlowe uses orange Scrap that caps out at 10, which he only uses to summon his Rock-It! Turrets, which cost 4 Scrap. Gazlowe regenerates 1 Scrap every 4 seconds and can also pick it up from the ground when dropped by his destroyed Turrets. Talents can increase his Scrap total or grant him extra Scrap when hitting enemies with abilities.
  • Hogger uses red Rage that caps out at 100, and all of his abilities have no cost. Rage is gained when Hogger lands basic attacks or takes damage, as well as when stunning enemies with Staggering Blow and landing a direct hit with Ez-Thro Dynamite. Rage increases Hogger's cooldown speed by 1% per 2 Rage he has stored, and increases the damage of Hogg Wild by 1% per Rage. Talents can add extra benefits to Rage, like increased regen, movement speed, and attack speed.
  • Lt. Morales uses yellow Energy that caps out at 100, and most of her abilities have no cost. Energy is spent by her Healing Beam ability which constantly drains Energy to heal a target ally, and if she does not channel Healing Beam for 2 seconds Energy is regenerated at the rate of 6 per second. Talents can add an ability that drains energy to heal herself, or allow her to regenerate energy through hitting enemies with attacks or abilities.
  • Sonya uses orange Fury that caps out at 100, and is consumed to use most of her abilities. It does not decrease passively, and 6 fury is generated from each basic attack or 2 fury each time she takes damage. She can also gain Fury by hitting enemies with Ancient Spear or through certain Talent selections.
  • Valeera uses yellow Energy that caps out at 100, and is consumed to use abilities. Energy regenerates at the rate of 10 per second but is consumed very rapidly, so many of her talents can grant increased Energy regen.
  • Zarya uses purple Energy that caps out at 100, and all her abilities have no cost. Energy starts empty and is generated by absorbing damage with her Personal Barrier and Shield Ally abilities, at the rate of 1 energy for every 10 damage absorbed scaling with levels. Each point of Energy increases Zarya's damage by 2%, meaning she deals up to 300% damage with abilities and basic attacks. After .5 seconds her Energy decays at the rate of 3 per second causing her to lose all energy after 33 seconds. She has many talents that interact with her Energy, whether it be by increasing the generation rate, granting special effects while at high energy, or allowing Energy to go above 100 by fulfilling certain requirements. She can also consume Energy as a resource with the talent Pain is Temporary.

No resource[edit | edit source]

There are a few heroes that have no resource cost at all. These heroes are generally restricted by cooldowns or other features. Some heroes have a certain ability with an important cooldown that is shown where resources would usually be shown.

Attack_ Attack damage icon.png Basic Attack (Attack range icon.png Attack RangeAttack speed icon.png Attack Speed) • Ability (Resource (Unitstatus icon mana.png Mana) Spell power icon.png Spell PowerCooldown)
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