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"Anytime you're ready."

Basic Info
Title Renegade Commander
Role Assassin Assassin
Franchise StarCraft StarCraft
Price 300Gem.png / 2,000Money.png
Release Date March 13, 2014
Base Stats
Attack Type Ranged
Health 1302
Health Regen 2.71
Resource 500 Mana
Armor 0
Attack Speed 1.25
Attack Range 6.5
Attack Damage 122
Data Page

Jim Raynor, the Renegade Commander, is a ranged assassin hero from the StarCraft universe.[1] The Ex-Confederate Marshall has stood against whatever the universe can throw at him and survived. He stands as a bright beacon of hope among enigmatic aliens and monsters, still fighting for justice in a cold uncaring universe.

Raynor is a Basic Attack Assassin that can keep enemies away.

Background[edit | edit source]

StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

Jim Raynor was a Confederate marshal on Mar Sara at the time of the first zerg incursions on that world. Despite bravely fighting the alien aggressors and saving many lives, he was arrested by Confederate forces on the pretext of destroying Confederate property at Backwater Station. When he was subsequently liberated by Arcturus Mengsk's Sons of Korhal, an anti-Confederate revolutionary group, Raynor chose to fight alongside them.

Mengsk’s hunger for power and his growing lack of scruples soon began to trouble Raynor. Eventually Mengsk’s betrayal of his own lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan and his ruthless manipulation of the zerg to attack Confederacy-held worlds showed Raynor that Mengsk was no better than the oppressors he sought to overthrow. Raynor led a revolt within the ranks of the Sons of Korhal and seized Mengsk’s personal flagship, the Hyperion, and a small fleet of ships. While attempting to rescue Kerrigan from the zerg planet Char, Raynor encountered protoss there and gained the respect of the valiant Executor Tassadar. Raynor’s frank honesty enabled him to forge a bond between Tassadar and the dark templar Zeratul.

Raynor and his troops went on to fight alongside the protoss in several campaigns and played a key role in battling the United Earth Directorate incursion that followed. A twist of fate found Raynor temporarily allied with Arcturus Mengsk and the Queen of Blades, the being reforged from Sarah Kerrigan by the zerg Overmind. Although these two tyrants fought against a common foe, it was only a matter of time until their tenuous alliance collapsed. In the end Kerrigan was the one who turned against her erstwhile allies and struck the first blow, and many of Jim Raynor’s comrades died to her treachery.

Raynor escaped the massacre and vowed vengeance. Even so, against the full strength of the zerg Swarm and the vast psionic powers of the Queen of Blades, his chances seemed slender at best. Eventually, exhausted and disillusioned, Raynor returned to terran space to lead a resistance movement against the spreading power of Arcturus Mengsk’s Terran Dominion. Over the years this fight hasn’t gone well. Arcturus Mengsk has used his greatest weapons – oratory, the media, and propaganda – to marginalize Raynor’s efforts.

Raynor’s Raiders remain public enemy number one to the powerful Terran Dominion. Mengsk sees Raynor’s continuing existence as a challenge to his authority. However, Mengsk is also wary of creating a martyr by having Raynor assassinated, and so he has taken steps to keep Raynor and his followers constantly hunted and harried, denying them any chance to gain a respite and build their strength.

Years of skirmishing with the inexhaustible resources of the Dominion has whittled down Raynor’s forces to a shadow of their former selves. Raynor has had to resort to occasional mercenary work just to garner enough funds to repair and rearm in the short term. Keeping his outfit running means that additional mercenary jobs will likely be needed in the future. Freedom isn’t free.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Advanced Optics Icon.png
Advanced Optics
Raynor's Basic Attack range is 1 further than most other ranged Heroes, and his vision radius 1 further as well.
Penetrating Round Icon.png
Penetrating Round
60 Mana Cooldown: 12 seconds
Deals 240 (+4% per level) damage and knocks enemies back.
Inspire Icon.png
40 Mana Cooldown: 10 seconds
Gain 30% bonus Attack Speed for 6 seconds. Nearby allies gain half of the bonus.
  • Attack speed bonus is halved, duration is not.
  • Attack speed stacks additively with other sources of attack speed.
Adrenaline Rush Icon.png
Adrenaline Rush
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Automatically activates to heal for 440 (+4% per level) when Raynor is below 30% Health.
Hyperion Icon.png
100 Mana Cooldown: 100 seconds
Order the Hyperion to make a strafing run dealing 66 (+4% per level) damage a second, hitting up to 4 enemies. Also occasionally fires its Yamato Cannon on Structures for 794 (+4% per level) damage. Lasts 12 seconds.
  • Hyperion shoots once per second and Yamato Cannon once per 4 seconds.
  • Hyperion grants vision over the area.
Raynor's Raiders Icon.png
Raynor's Raiders
100 Mana Cooldown: 80 seconds
Summon two Stealthed Banshees that attack an enemy. Each Banshee deals 50 (+4% per level) damage a second and lasts 22 seconds. Can reactivate the Ability to retarget the Banshees.
  • Banshees are Summons.
  • Banshees have attack speed of 0.8/s and attack in bursts of 2 missiles dealing 31 Physical damage each.
  • Banshees have 766 base health.
  • Banshees can be affected by Inspire.
  • Banshees cloak after 2 seconds of not attacking or taking damage.
  • An enemy must be targeted to summon Banshees, but they can be retargeted to move to a point.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Give Me More! Icon.png
Give Me More!
Increases Adrenaline Rush healing by 50%.
Seasoned Marksman Icon.png
Seasoned Marksman
❢ Quest: Every Minion killed near you grants 0.2 Attack Damage, and Takedowns grant 0.5 Attack Damage.
❢ Reward: Upon gaining 40 bonus Attack Damage, you can also activate Seasoned Marksman to increase your Attack Speed by 40% for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
  • Continues to gain stacks even after the quest is complete.
  • Bonus damage from Seasoned Marksman is affected by damage multipliers, but not by Scaling.
  • Attack speed stacks additively with other sources of attack speed.
Scouting Drone Icon.png
Scouting Drone
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Places a Scouting Drone at target location, granting vision and revealing a large area around it for 45 seconds. This drone cannot be hidden and is killed by enemies with 2 Basic Attacks. Stores up to 2 charges.
Focused Attack Icon.png
Focused Attack
Every 10 seconds, your next Basic Attack against a Hero deals 60% additional damage. Basic Attacks reduce this cooldown by 1 second.
Vigorous Assault Icon.png
Vigorous Assault
Basic Attacks heal for 15% of the damage dealt.
Confident Aim Icon.png
Confident Aim
Lowers the cooldown of Penetrating Round by 4 seconds if it hits an enemy Hero.
Relentless Leader Icon.png
Relentless Leader
Being Stunned or Rooted knocks away nearby enemies.
This effect has a 8 second cooldown.
Passive: The cooldown of Adrenaline Rush is reduced by 10 seconds.
Hamstring Shot Icon.png
Hamstring Shot
Enemies hit by Penetrating Round have a 20% Movement Speed slow for 3 seconds.
Revolution Overdrive Icon.png
Revolution Overdrive
Gain 10% Movement Speed while affected by Inspire. Increase this bonus by 5% for each allied Hero nearby when Inspire is cast.
Fight or Flight Icon.png
Fight or Flight
Whenever Adrenaline Rush activates it gives 25 Armor, reducing damage taken by 25% for 4 seconds. Adrenaline Rush can also be manually activated.
Puttin' On a Clinic Icon.png
Puttin' On a Clinic
Whenever an enemy Minion Raynor has recently damaged is destroyed, his Ability cooldowns are reduced by 1.5 seconds.
  • Affects only Basic and Heroic Abilities.
Hyperion Icon.png
Order the Hyperion to make a strafing run dealing 66 (+4 per level) damage a second, hitting up to 4 enemies. Also occasionally fires its Yamato Cannon on Structures for 794 damage. Lasts 12 seconds.
Raynor's Raiders Icon.png
Raynor's Raiders
Summon two Stealthed Banshees that attack an enemy. Each Banshee deals 2 (+4% per level) damage a second and lasts 22 seconds. Can reactivate the Ability to retarget the Banshees.
Giant Killer Icon.png
Giant Killer
Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 1.5% of the Hero's maximum Health.
  • Damage from Giant Killer is dealt as a separate instance of Spell Damage that is flagged to ignore any Armor.
Double-Barreled Icon.png
Penetrating Round gains a second charge.
  • There is a 1 second cooldown inbetween charges.
Steel Resolve Icon.png
Steel Resolve
Increases Inspire's duration by 50% and causes Adrenaline Rush to also apply Inspire.
Executioner Icon.png
Attacking a Hero that is Slowed, Rooted, or Stunned increases your Basic Attack damage by 30% for 3 seconds.
Cluster Round Icon.png
Cluster Round
Penetrating Round damage is increased by 20% for each additional target hit up to 100%, and the width is increased by 50%.
  • Every single enemy including enemy Structures triggers the bonus damage.
Bullseye Icon.png
The first enemy hit by Penetrating Round is Stunned for 1 second.
Scorched Earth Icon.png
Scorched Earth
An additional set of lasers blast the ground 5 times per second, dealing 40 damage in an area.
  • Hyperion shoots laser blasts to random locations 5 times per second for total of 65 times.
Dusk Wings Icon.png
Dusk Wings
Banshees remain Stealthed while attacking and fire 50% more frequently.
  • Taking damage still reveals the Banshees.
A Card to Play Icon.png
A Card to Play
Whenever a Hero (ally or enemy) is killed, the cooldown of Raynor's Heroic Ability is reduced by 15 seconds.
  • Raynor can have multiple Hyperions active simultaneously, but not Banshees.
Nexus Frenzy Icon.png
Nexus Frenzy
Increases Attack Speed by 20% and Attack Range by 1.1.
  • Attack speed stacks additively with other sources of attack speed.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Raynor Skins
Rare Raynor
Backstory: Ex-Confederate Marshall James Raynor has stood against whatever the universe can throw at him and survived. He stands as a beacon of hope among enigmatic aliens and monsters, fighting for justice in a cold uncaring universe.
Notes: Raynor is free for players recruited by Recruit a Friend.
Raynor Renegade Commander.jpg
300Gem.png / 2,000Money.png
Renegade Commander
Raynor War Pig.jpg
War Pig
Raynor Dominion.jpg
Rare Commander
Backstory: Some days it's good to get out of the CMC Powered Combat Suit and into something a bit more comfortable.
Features: Altered voice-over, themed animations.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of character's pre-change skins.
Raynor Commander.jpg
Shard.png 100
Raynor Commander Jungle.jpg
Shard.png 100
Raynor Commander Desert.jpg
Shard.png 100
Raynor Commander Urban.jpg
Shard.png 100
Raynor Commander Amphibious.jpg
Shard.png 100
Epic Marshal
Backstory: Once the Confederacy mined Mar Sara dry of resources, the colonists became desperate. Marshal James E. Raynor found himself alone, trying to keep the peace on a world in chaos.
Features: Themed abilities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of Riskville skins.
Raynor Marshal.jpg
Shard.png 400
Raynor Marshal Dominion.jpg
Shard.png 400
Raynor Marshal Old.jpg
Shard.png 400
Rare Special Ordnance
Backstory: A small yellow note stuck to the inside says, "Hey, cowboy. Thought that suit of yours could use an upgrade or two, you can thank me later. -Swann"
Raynor Special Ordnance.jpg
Shard.png 100
Raynor Special Ordnance Crimson.jpg
Shard.png 100
Raynor Special Ordnance Brass.jpg
Shard.png 100
Rare Stars and Stripes
Backstory: While the United States Space Force successfully rescued their colonists from the Koprulu sector, Colonel James Raynor worried those monsters might find their way to Earth.
Raynor Stars and Stripes.jpg
Shard.png 100
Raynor Stars and Stripes Guardian.jpg
Shard.png 100
Raynor Stars and Stripes Agent.jpg
Shard.png 100

Portraits[edit | edit source]

Raynor Portraits
Carbot Raynor Portrait.png
Carbot Raynor
Shard.png 100
Commander Raynor Portrait.png
Commander Raynor
Shard.png 40
Heroes of the Stars Portrait.png
Heroes of the Stars
Marshal Raynor Portrait.png
Marshal Raynor
Shard.png 40
Raynor Hero Portrait.png
Raynor Hero
Raynor Mastery Portrait.png
Raynor Mastery
Remastered Raynor Portrait.png
Remastered Raynor
Shard.png 40

Rockstar Raynor Portrait.png
Rockstar Raynor
Shard.png 40

Sprays[edit | edit source]

Raynor Sprays
Bad Romance Spray.gif
Bad Romance
Shard.png 400
Carbot Raynor Spray.png
Carbot Raynor
Shard.png 100
Cartoon Raynor Spray.gif
Cartoon Raynor
Shard.png 100
Condor Commander Raynor Spray.png
Condor Commander Raynor
Shard.png 40

Emojis[edit | edit source]

Raynor Pack 1 Emoji Raynor Pack 1 Raynor Happy.png Raynor Pack 2 Emoji Raynor Pack 2 Raynor Angry.png
Emoji Name Shortcut Emoji Name Shortcut
Emoji Raynor Pack 1 Raynor Happy.png Raynor Happy  :raynorhappy:
Emoji Raynor Pack 2 Raynor Angry.png Raynor Angry  :raynorangry:
Emoji Raynor Pack 1 Raynor ROFL.png Raynor ROFL  :raynorlol:
Emoji Raynor Pack 2 Raynor Cool.png Raynor Cool  :raynorcool:
Emoji Raynor Pack 1 Raynor Sad.png Raynor Sad  :raynorsad:
Emoji Raynor Pack 2 Raynor Oops.png Raynor Embarrassed  :raynoroops:
Emoji Raynor Pack 1 Raynor Silly.png Raynor Silly  :raynorsilly:
Emoji Raynor Pack 2 Raynor Love.png Raynor in Love  :raynorlove:
Emoji Raynor Pack 1 Raynor Meh.png Raynor Speechless  :raynormeh:
Emoji Raynor Pack 2 Raynor Surprised.png Raynor Surprised  :raynorwow:

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Raynor/Quotes

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Raynor first appeared in StarCraft (March 1998).
  • Raynor is voiced by Robert Clotworthy.
  • Raynor was one of the 18 heroes revealed at BlizzCon 2013.
  • Coloration is the main thing that distinguishes Raynor's default skin from Tychus's.[2]
  • Raynor has a habit of calling Diablo "Red".
  • Raynor is one of six StarCraft assassin heroes in the game.
    • He is also one of the three gunmen assassin heroes in the game.

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