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Cursed Hollow[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio
Briefing "You dare come to Cursed Hollow? <laugh> Amusing."
"Know this realm is under MY protection. It bends to MY every whim."
"If you desire victory, you will gather tribute in my name."
"Be the first and receive my blessing."
"Your enemies will fall... Their every defense disabled and weakened."
"But you had better press your advantage. My favor is not eternal. Hahaha."
"What do you say? Are you ready to begin?"
Tribute Spawns "Heroes... gather tribute and earn my favor."
"Shall we see who gathers enough tribute this time?"
"Gather tribute, or face my curse. The choice is simple."
"I grow tired of your petty squabbling. Gather tribute! Earn my favor!"
"Who shall gather this one?"
"I believe some tribute is in order."
"You had best hurry." <laugh>
"Who can gather this one, I wonder."
"Tribute in my name!"
"The Raven Lord demands tribute."
"Who shall curry my favor?"
"I hope you can hurry."
<laugh> "I so enjoy watching you scurry.
"Shall we see who gathers this one?"
"Gather tribute! I must have it!"
"If you wish my blessing, you'd better run."
Enemy Team Cursed "You have won my favor, heroes! Let your enemies know my wrath!"
"My favor is yours, heroes! Your enemies shall fall!"
"Well done. Your enemies shall be weakened. Let them fall before you."
Ally Team Cursed "My curse upon you!"
"Unacceptable! You shall know my curse!"
"The curse falls upon you, heroes. Will you survive it?"
"Now you shall know my wrath."
"And now you shall fall."
Curse Ends "Enough! The curse is over. I hope you made the most of it."
"My curse subsides. For now."
"Let the curse end. Until someone wins my favor once more, that is."
"And so the curse ends. Perhaps now you realize its value, yes?"

Towers of Doom[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio
Briefing Grave Keeper: "The time has come. Raven Court will belong to the Grave Keeper."
Raven Lord: <chuckle> "None approach without my blessing. Be gone, before I force you out."
Grave Keeper: "If we can't attack directly, we will turn your weapons against you."
Raven Lord: "So I see. But the towers are nothing"...
Raven Lord: ..."without the altars to fire them."
Grave Keeper: "Ah, ah, ah! That's MY specialty. Heroes, to battle! This realm will be mine!"
Altars are rising "The altars will rise shortly, heroes. Be ready, you must capture them quickly."
"The altars are rising, heroes. Do get ready.."
"Once more the altars rise from the depths..."
"You had better hurry, the altars rise again."
"Prepare yourselves, heroes. The altars rise."
"It is nearly time..." <laugh>
Altars are Active "Go forth and claim the altars in my name! The Raven Lord demands it..."
"Take the altars and put an end to the Grave Keeper."
"The time is now, heroes. Claim the altars in my name."
"The altars have risen. Activate them now."
"Be swift, heroes. Do not let the Grave Keeper's cronies reach the altars before you."
"Lay claim to the altars. Do not disappoint me."
The Raven Lords Towers are Firing "This realm will be mine, and mine alone!"
"Meet your doom, Grave Keeper!"
"The altar is ours! Fire upon the Grave Keeper!"
<Laughs> "Doom to the Grave Keeper!"
"Enough of this charade. Bring down the Grave Keeper's core!"
"Oppose the Raven Lord and suffer!"
"This realm is mine, Grave Keeper!"
"Be gone from my domain!"
"Now, you shall fall!"
"Let's see if you learn your lesson... this time!"
"All towers, fire!"
"You have done well, heroes. Let the Grave Keeper know my power!"
"I am lord of this realm, and it will not be stolen from me!"
"Your powers will be mine, Grave Keeper. Like all the others."
"This realm is mine. MINE!"
The Raven Lord takes a Tower "This tower shall serve the Raven Lord!"
"Another tower under my dominion."
"Ah, my heroes have seized a tower."
"The tower is mine. As it should be."
"My hold on this realm tightens."
"Impressive, heroes."
"Do you like my newest tower, Grave Keeper? It was yours, once..."
"Your heroes are ill-suited to hold these towers, Grave Keeper."
"Did you really think you could keep that tower from me?"
"Tower acquired."
"The tower now belongs to me."
The Grave Keeper takes a Tower "We have lost a tower."
"Our tower has fallen."
"My minions have lost a tower."
"Ugh, the Grave Keeper has taken a tower."
"One of my towers has been stolen."
"You presume to pilfer my towers, Grave Keeper?"
"A tower lost? I will remember this, Grave Keeper."
"You will regret taking that tower from me."
"A tower has been lost."
"*growls* The Grave Keeper claims another tower."
Player Kills "You cannot die. While I still have need of you, that is."
"Make the Grave Keeper pay for that."
Enemy killed "Death to all who serve the Grave Keeper."
"Yes, slay them in my name."
Tunnels open *Raven Lord: "Heroes, I have opened a tunnel near our core that leads to the battleground's center. Use it well."
  • Grave Keeper: "What? I mean--I knew I could do that! I've opened my tunnel as well!"
*Grave Keeper: "Heroes, I have opened a tunnel near our core that leads to the battleground's center. Use it well."
  • Raven Lord: "Oh... My heroes shall have this gift as well..." <laugh>
Bombardment begins against the Grave Keeper "We hold... oh! All six towers. Commence bombardment upon the Grave Keeper!"
<satisfied exertion> "The towers are mine once more. Now to rid my realm of this accursed Grave Keeper!"
"All six towers are mine. Lay siege to the Grave Keeper!"
Bombardment begins against the Raven Lord "The enemy bombards our core. Reclaim a tower and end this siege!"
"The Grave Keeper controls the towers. Take one back and end his bombardment!"
"The enemy is bombarding us. Claim a tower to end this siege."
Banter with the Grave Keeper "My my, this situation is turning quite "grave" for you isn't it?"
"Mm. Perhaps you should have brought those foul golems with you."
"It's time to teach you a lesson. Lesson one: never provoke me!"
"I'm preparing a grave just for you... Oh, I do hope you keep it." <laugh>
"The power of this realm is mine... you wouldn't even know what to do with it."
"You do excel at pettiness, don't you?"
<chuckle> "That was almost amusing."
"Raven Court has seen usurpers before... I have ended them all."
"You're but a child. Fear not, your tantrum will be over soon."
"Oh, do continue. I am so very interested in your thoughts."
"Your failure will soon be complete, usurper."
"Is that all?"
"All that bluster, and for what?"
"Hmm. How utterly droll."
"Heroes, show this "Grave Keeper" to his grave."
"Your execution will be wondrous to behold."
Victory "You have served me well, Heroes."
Defeat "I will not let go of my domain so easily.
"The Grave Keeper shall pay for this."

Generic[edit | edit source]

Event Quote Audio
Start of a Match "Prepare yourself for battle, heroes."
"The battle begins in..."
"Let the battle begin!"
"Well... What are you waiting for?"
Player Abandons "What's this? A Hero has left the battle?"
Player Rejoins "Welcome back, Hero."
Player Kills "Haha, a good kill."
"I say..."
"That was rather violent."
Player Deaths "You have been slain."
"Might I suggest dodging?"
"A good effort."
"Oh, dear."
"Make them pay for that."
Enemy Fort destroyed "Fort destroyed."
"They'll surely miss that."
"Well done."
"Fort demolished."
"Enemy fort annihilated."
Enemy Keep destroyed "Keep destroyed."
"Keep eliminated."
"Well done. Keep destroyed."
Own Fort lost "Your enemy has destroyed a fort."
"It seems you've lost a fort."
"Your fort has been destroyed."
"Fort lost."
"Your fort has fallen."
Own Keep lost "Your enemy has destroyed a keep."
"You have lost a keep."
"I believe that keep was yours."
Core is under attack "Your core is under attack."
"The enemy is attacking your core."
Victory "Victory."
"Was there any question?"
"Haha, well done, Heroes."
Defeat "Defeat."
"Shall we try again?"
"Let's play again sometime."

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