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Range is the basic unit of distance utilized by abilities and basic attacks. It is calculated in units with 1 range being equal to the Hitbox of Erik of the Lost Vikings, and starts from the edge of your heroes' Hitbox. Having more range than your opponent means you can hit them while they can't hit you back. Some abilities are Global which means they have unlimited range.

List of Heroes by attack range[edit | edit source]

  • 1 range: Abathur, Dehaka, Muradin, Uther
  • 1.25 range: Artanis, Diablo, Garrosh, Gazlowe, Worgen Greymane, Illidan, Murky, Olaf from the Lost Vikings, Valeera, Varian
  • 1.3 range: Mal'Ganis
  • 1.75 range: Kharazim
  • 2 range: Arthas, Chen, Cho'gall, Imperius, Kerrigan, Leoric, Ragnaros, Samuro
  • 2.25 range: Qhira
  • 2.5 range: Deathwing
  • 3 range: Probius
  • 3.5 range: Kharazim with Deadly Reach
  • 3.75 range: D.Va Meka
  • 4 range: Baleog from the Lost Vikings
  • 4.5 range: Blaze, Cassia, Genji, Mei, Mephisto, Tychus, Zarya
  • 5 range: Cho'gall (with C'thun's Gift), Fenix with Repeater Cannon, Tracer
  • 6 range: Cassia (with Titan's Revenge), Tychus (with Press the Advantage), Tyrande
  • 6.25 range: Fenix with Phase Bomb
  • 6.32 range: Anduin (with Inner Fire)
  • 6.5 range: Ana, Erik from the Lost Vikings, Hanzo, Nova, Raynor, Sylvanas (Remorseless), Tassadar
  • 6.6 range: Falstad (with Nexus Frenzy), D.Va Pilot (with Suppressing Fire), Human Greymane (with Quicksilver Bullets), Lt. Morales (with Caduceus Feedback), Zagara on Creep, Zul'jin (with 75 stacks of You Want Axe?), Zul'jin (with Headhunter and <75 stacks of You Want Axe?)
  • 7 range: Chromie, Tyrande (with Shooting Star)
  • 7.5 range: Azmodan (with Bombardment), Fenix with Phase Bomb (with Singularity Charge), Raynor (with Give Me More!), Tassadar (with Templar's Will)
  • 7.7 range: Valla (with Farflight Quiver), Zul'jin (with Headhunter and 75 stacks of You Want Axe?)
  • 8.25 range: Lunara (with Star Wood Spear)
  • 8.5 range: Nova (with Longshot), Hanzo (with Ignore All Distractions)
  • 9 range: Alexstrasza with Dragonqueen, Tychus with Commandeer Odin
  • 10.5 range: Ana (with Dynamic Optics)
  • 11 range: Sgt. Hammer in Siege Mode
  • 14 range: Sgt. Hammer in Siege Mode (with Graduating Range)
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