Playn with Pain is Pain

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Playn with Pain is Pain
Team Information
Location Europe
Region Europe Europe{{#set: |has region=Europe}}
Team Captains Luvi
Total earnings $100
Number of players 0
Created 26 Jul 2014
Disbanded Dec 2014

Playn with Pain is Pain (or PPP) was a professional Heroes of the Storm team based in Europe.

Player Roster[edit | edit source]

Former[edit | edit source]

ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany Luvi Lukas Volkmann Retired
Russia Gela Alyona Shushpannikova Retired
United Kingdom Bakery James Baker 2015-01-03 SK Gaming
Bulgaria Pain Deyan Dimitrov Retired
Spain Vippelino Alexandre Curto Team aAa

Organization[edit | edit source]

ID Name Position
Germany GuhlTV Jonas Stein Manager
Sweden Gizmo Erik Damström Gereben Manager

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Date Placement Tournament Prize
2014-11-20 A33 - 4th Heroes Champions League Qualifier#2 $0
2014-11-21 A33 - 4th Arcana Heroes Cup#1 $0
2014-11-22 A33 - 4th Heroes Premier League EU Season 1 $0
2014-11-23 A33 - 4th FrayTV Invitational $0
2014-11-24 A11 - 2nd Heroes Champions League Qualifier#3 $0
2014-12-11 A55 - 10th Heroes Champions League $0
2014-12-21 A33 - 4th WePlay HotS Invitational $100
2015-01-03 A99 - 16th Go4Heroes Europe Monthly Final-December 2014 $0