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Party Frame.png

The Party Frame communicates the status of individual players during the game, and help players to read the current state of a game at any given moment.

A quick glance at the top of the screen allows you to see which players are alive or dead on either team, how much time is left before a player respawns, and which Heroic Abilities each player has picked. The center area of the interface displays the team levels, XP, and the game timer. The XP will blink as teams approach their next talent tier. Additionally, if either team gains a talent tier over the other, their team level will be engulfed in flames to signify that they have a talent advantage.

Party Frames offer additional information about your allies: Each teammate's current health and mana is displayed. Also animate whenever an ally is channeling Hearthstone, and display cooldown timers for their Heroic Abilities. Ideally, you’ll always have the right info when it comes time to decide whether to pick a fight with the enemy team or spend more time in lanes soaking up XP.

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