Oscar Vega

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Oscar Vega
Oscar Vega.jpg
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Concept Artist
Projects Heroes of the Storm

Oscar Vega was a concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment and left the company on September 5th. Oscar Vega created artwork for everything from key art to sprays to new Heroes and skins for Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA. He made all the original artwork for recent Hero additions such as Yrel and Whitemane, as well as the skins and assorted loot for the Nexomania and Fall of King's Crest special events.

Background[edit | edit source]

A self-taught artist, Oscar first joined Blizzard in 2016 as a graphic designer for the Heroes of the Storm community team after years of making a name for himself drawing and painting on Twitch, various indie projects, and contracts for game studios such as League of Legends creator Riot Games.

When Oscar isn’t busy helping bring the Heroes and creatures of the Nexus to life in Heroes of the Storm, he enjoys painting, toys, and finding bugs. He also loves raccoons.[1]

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