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Players are granted "On Fire" status by demonstrating an outstanding performance in several game stat categories. Takedowns, hero damage, siege damage, XP contribution, as well as role-specific stats for Supports and Warriors can all contribute to On Fire. To find more detailed information on why a player's On Fire, check out the Stats page of the Score Screen. On Fire players have their relevant stats highlighted, indicating the areas in which an On Fire player is outperforming their competition.

Up to three of the ten players in a game can be “On Fire” at any one time, and the better they perform compared to everyone else, the more intensely the flames around their portraits will glow. The game is constantly re-evaluating everyone's performance and a single death will immediately snuff out the flames.

The effects can be found on three different locations:

  • Party Frame hero portraits at the top of the screen
  • The stats tab on the in-game score screen
  • Your hero portrait in the bottom-left (so long as you are on fire, of course)

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