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"Locked and loaded."

Basic Info
Title Dominion Ghost
Role Assassin Assassin
Franchise StarCraft StarCraft
Price 625Gem.png / 7,000Money.png
Release Date March 13, 2014
Base Stats
Attack Type Ranged
Health 1300
Health Regen 2.711
Resource 500 Mana
Armor 0
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 6.5
Attack Damage 105
Data Page

November "Nova" Terra, the Dominion Ghost, is a ranged assassin hero from the StarCraft universe.[1] She is a ghost of the Terran Dominion and one of the most powerful psionic soldiers ever known. Nova is highly focused, determined, and extremely deadly. Even Jim Raynor wouldn't want to be caught within her crosshairs.

Nova is a burst damage mage who can ambush enemies from stealth.

Background[edit | edit source]

StarCraft This section concerns content exclusive to the StarCraft universe.

November "Nova" Terra spent the best parts of her youth as the golden child of one of Tarsonis's wealthy Old Families who ran the Terran Confederacy. Though she exhibited signs of burgeoning psionic potential, Nova's parents insisted that she was merely sensitive or "empathetic", hoping to keep her abilities a secret from both the Ghost Academy that would conscript their child and from Nova herself.

When her family was violently betrayed by separatist groups and her telekinetic powers became destructively apparent, Nova was forced into hiding in the crime-ridden slums of Tarsonis' Gutter, and was forcibly enslaved by the crimelord Fagin. However, the means he used to prevent Nova from using her psionics on him gradually wore on his sanity, and she was eventually rescued by a insurrection in Fagin's own ranks alongside Ghost Academy wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian. She was taken off world just as Tarsonis fell to the zerg, and the Confederacy fell to give way to the Terran Dominion.

Supremely dedicated, Nova excelled as a trainee in the Ghost Academy on Ursa, eventually earning the questionable reward of a mind-wipe that erased all recollection of her tragic youth – and the majority of her long-term memory with it.

As a full-fledged Ghost operative, Nova's duties have included battling zerg, ending the insurrection of renegade enhanced ghosts named Spectres, and even dealing with noted enemy of the people Jim Raynor. Her service record has seen her assigned tasks of increasing importance to the leadership of the Dominion, and she stood ready to be dispatched on missions that will make her past pale in comparison at the whim and direct order of Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. At the crux of the Second Great War, Nova was sent to capture a now deinfested Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor. While Kerrigan escaped, Raynor was imprisoned.

At the end of the war, with Arcturus Mengsk dead, Nova began to serve under the new emperor, his son Valerian Mengsk. While Valerian had a much fairer government, he still required Nova's skills to keep the peace from foreign and domestic threats. Soon a contingent of supporters of Arcturus Mengsk, displeased with Valerian's more peaceful rule and outraged of his connection to Arcturus's death, created a paramilitary group named the Defenders of Man, and staged zerg and Tal'darim attacks on terran worlds to erode the people's faith in Valerian. Nova helped uncover the plot, with the assistance of Alarak, and soon cornered the leader of the Defenders of Man, General Carolina Davis. However, Nova defied orders to bring her in alive and killed Davis, declaring that her and her special forces group would operate independent of the Terran Dominion's command structure. From now on her and her forces would defend the Dominion their own way.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Permanent Cloak, Sniper Icon.png
Permanent Cloak
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Gain Stealth when out of combat for 3 seconds. Taking damage, attacking, using Abilities, or Channeling reveals you. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds grants Invisible.
Passive: Gain 15% Movement Speed, while Stealthed.

  • Stealth can activate while Mounted, but activating Mount will break Stealth momentarily.
Snipe Icon.png
50 Mana Cooldown: 6 seconds
Deals 230 damage to the first enemy hit.
Passive: Hitting the enemy Hero with Snipe permanently increases the damage of Snipe by 6%, stacking up to 30%. Gain an additional 25% damage bonus at maximum stacks. All stacks are lost, if Snipe fails to hit an enemy.

    Type: Damage
    Scaling: 4.00%
    Affects: Enemies
    Targeting: Point Target / LoS
    Clamped: Yes
    Cast time: 0.1+0 seconds
    Range: 10.8725
    Width: 0.75
Pinning Shot Icon.png
Pinning Shot
65 Mana Cooldown: 12 seconds
Deal 100 damage to an enemy and Slow it by 40% for 2.25 seconds.

    Type: Damage
    Scaling: 4.00%
    Affects: Enemies
    Targeting: Unit Target
    Cast time: 0.1+0 seconds
    Cast range: 6.5
Holo Decoy Icon.png
Holo Decoy
50 Mana Cooldown: 15 seconds
Create a Decoy for 5 seconds that appears to attack enemies, dealing 10% of Nova's normal damage. Using this Ability does not break Cloak.

    Type: Summon
    Targeting: Point Target
    Clamped: No
    Cast range: 8
Holo Decoy
    Summon type: Heroic Pet / Clone
    Health: 100%
    Damage: 10%
    Attack Speed: 100%
    Attack Range: 100%
    Movement speed: 100%
    Sight radius: 100%
  • Decoy has same Abilities and cooldowns as Nova.
  • Decoy's Basic Attacks and Abilities deal the same type of damage as Nova's
  • Decoy's Pinning Shot inflicts a 5% Slow.
  • Decoy benefits from all of Nova's non-active Talents, unless otherwise stated.
  • Killing a decoy grants no XP or Takedown credit.
  • If Nova is Stealthed while casting Holo Decoy, the decoy will also be Stealthed and vice versa.
  • Stealthed decoy only attacks Heroes. Unstealthed decoy also attacks Structures, Summons and aggroed Mercenaries, but not Minions.
  • Decoy only uses Abilities on Heroes.
  • Decoy will immediately attack the closest non-Stealthed Hero, when one comes in its range and mimics Nova's Basic Abilities in following order: Pinning Shot > Snipe > AA (> Pinning Shot > AA, if Double Tap has been picked.)
  • If the decoy is below 50% maximum Health, it only uses Pinning Shot and runs away.
Triple Tap Icon.png
Triple Tap
100 Mana Cooldown: 100 seconds
Locks in on the target Hero, then fires 3 shots that hit the first Hero or Structure they come in contact with for 372 damage each.

    Type: Damage
    Scaling: 4.00%
    Affects: Enemy Heroes ( and Structures)
    Targeting: Unit Target / Stationary Channel
    Channel time: 1.0+1.5 seconds
    Cast time: 0.2+Ch+0.5 seconds
    Cast range: 25
    Shot Interval: 0.75 seconds
  • Can only target Heroes.
  • Nova can't take any actions while channeling Triple Tap.
  • Triple Tap can't be manually cancelled and only ends, if its channeling is interrupted, Nova or the target is killed, removed from the battlefield or moves past 40 range from Nova, or once all 3 shots have been fired.
  • Interrupting the channel in any way before any shots have been fired puts Triple Tap on 10 seconds cooldown.
  • The target is Revealed for the duration of the ability and for 0.3 seconds after.
Precision Strike Icon.png
Precision Strike
100 Mana Cooldown: 60 seconds
After a 1.5 second delay, deals 435 damage to enemies within an area. Unlimited range.

    Type: Damage
    Scaling: 4.00%
    Affects: Enemies
    Targeting: Point Target / AoE
    Cast time: 0+0.5 seconds
    Cast range: Global
    Impact delay: 1.5 seconds
    Impact radius: 4
    Vision Radius: 5
  • Grants vision over the area for 6 seconds, when the ability starts casting. At the moment of impact, vision radius is increased by 1 for 1 second.
  • Nova gains XP and Covert Mission stacks from enemies killed by Precision Strike regardless of distance.
Ghost Protocol Icon.png
Ghost Protocol
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Activate to instantly grant Stealth to Nova and spawn a Holo Decoy at her location. Nova is Unrevealable for the first 0.5 seconds, when Stealthed by Ghost Protocol.

    Type: Summon
    No Target
  • The decoy has the same properties as those created by Holo Decoy.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Longshot Icon.png
Increases the cast range of Pinning Shot by 30%. Pinning Shot also increases the range of Nova's next Basic Attack by 2.

    Bonus cast range: 1.35
Covert Ops Icon.png
Covert Ops
After being Stealthed for 5 seconds, Pinning Shot's Slow is increased to 55% and costs no Mana. Bonus is lost after losing Stealth for 1 second.

  • Decoy doesn't benefit from the increased Slow
Advanced Cloaking Icon.png
Advanced Cloaking
After being Stealthed for 2 seconds, gain additional 5% Movement Speed. While Stealthed, regenerate 2 Mana per second.
Rapid Projection Icon.png
Rapid Projection
Reduces Holo Decoy's cooldown and Mana cost by 40%.
Holo Stability Icon.png
Holo Stability
Increases the cast range and duration of Holo Decoy by 100%.

    Bonus cast range: 8
    Bonus duration: 5.0 seconds
Bribe Icon.png
Covert Mission
Active: Enemy minions killed near Nova grant a stack of Bribe. Hero Takedowns grant 10 stacks of Bribe. Use 25 stacks to bribe a mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum 100 stacks. If a camp is defeated entirely with Bribe, the camp respawns 50% faster.

  • Support camps can not be bribed.
  • Decoy can gain bribe stacks, if it dealt the finishing blow to the enemy, but not through presence.
Perfect Shot Icon.png
Perfect Shot
Hitting an enemy Hero with Snipe reduces the cooldown by 3 seconds and grants an additional damage stack of Snipe.
One in the Chamber Icon.png
One in the Chamber
After using an ability, Nova's next Basic Attack within 3 seconds deals 60% additional damage.

    Type: Damage modifier
    Affects: Self
Anti-Armor Shells Icon.png
Anti-Armor Shells
Nova's Basic Attacks deal 250% damage and decrease the Physical armor of Heroic targets by 10 for 3 seconds, but her Attack Speed is proportionally slower.

    Type: Damage modifier
    Affects: Self, Enemy Heroes (armor reduction)
    Modified Attack Speed: 0.4/s (= 2.5 s/attack)
  • Armor reduction is applied before damage.
  • Decoy's attacks do not apply Armor reduction.
Triple Tap Icon.png
Triple Tap
Locks in on the target Hero, then fires 3 shots that hit the first Hero or Structure they come in contact with for 372 damage each.
Precision Strike Icon.png
Precision Strike
After a 1.5 second delay, deals 456 damage to enemies within an area. Unlimited range.
Psionic Efficiency Icon.png
Psionic Efficiency
Snipe's range is increased by 15%, and hitting a Hero with Snipe refunds it's Mana cost.

    Range increase: 1.35
Double Tap Icon.png
Double Tap
Pinning Shot now has 2 charges but it's cooldown is increased by 2 seconds.

    Charge cooldown: 1.0 seconds
Permanent Cloak, Sniper Icon.png
Ionic Force Field
Gain 25 Armor for 3 seconds after losing Stealth.

    Type: Damage modifier
    Affects: Self
Explosive Round Icon.png
Explosive Round
Snipe also deals 70% damage to enemies near the impact.

    Type: Damage
    Affects: Enemies
Crippling Shot Icon.png
Crippling Shot
Pinning Shot lowers a Hero's Armor by 20 for the duration of the Slow, causing them to take 20% increased damage.

    Type: Damage modifier
    Affects: Enemy Heroes
  • Decoy's Pinning shot does not apply Armor reduction.
Double Fake Icon.png
Lethal Decoy
Increases the damage Holo Decoy deals to 30% of Nova's damage.
Fast Reload Icon.png
Fast Reload
Triple Tap's cooldown is reset, if it kills an enemy Hero.

  • The cooldown is reset, if the enemy dies within 0.625 seconds of getting hit by a shot from Triple Tap.
Precision Barrage Icon.png
Precision Barrage
Precision Strike gains a 2nd charge and its cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds.

    Charge cooldown: 3.0 seconds
Permanent Cloak, Sniper Icon.png
Apollo Suit
Reduce the cooldown of Permanent Cloak by 2 seconds.
Rewind Icon.png
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Active: Activate to reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Nova Skins
Rare Nova
Backstory: November "Nova" Terra is a ghost of the Terran Dominion and one of the most powerful psionic soldiers ever known. Nova is highly focused, determined, and extremely deadly. Even Jim Raynor wouldn't want to be caught within her crosshairs.
Nova Dominion Ghost.jpg
750Gem.png / 10,000Money.png
Dominion Ghost
Nova Jade.jpg
Nova Scarlet.jpg
Rare Elite Agent
Backstory: The Crius Stealthsuit was the ultimate hostile environment suit developed by the Terran Dominion for its ghost. Unfortunately, due to its immense cost, few were ever deployed.
Nova Elite Agent.jpg
Shard.png 100
Nova Elite Agent Dominion.jpg
Shard.png 100
Nova Elite Agent Magenta.jpg
Shard.png 100
Epic Novazon
Backstory: Hailing from the Skovos Isles, the Askari, or Amazons, are skilled combatants. The young warrior Nova is an expert sharpshooter; eager to make her mark on the world.
Features: Altered voice-over, themed abilities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of other universes merging into Diablo skins.
Nova Novazon.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Novazon Jungle.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Novazon Rogue.jpg
Shard.png 400
Epic Roller Derby
Backstory: Kate "Supernova" Dennings doesn't take any crap from her rivals on the track. Why should the Nexus be any different?
Features: Altered voice-over, themed animations.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of sports skins.
Nova Roller Derby.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Roller Derby Golden.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Roller Derby Violet.jpg
Shard.png 400
Epic Spectre
Backstory: Nova couldn't let Tosh face his fate alone, and together they embraced the spectre program. It was her and him against the whole damn universe... just the way she liked it.
Features: Altered voice-over, themed abilities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of alternative history skins.
Nova Spectre.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Spectre Neon.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Spectre Urban.jpg
Shard.png 400
Epic Widowmaker
Backstory: Once, she once led a normal life... But now, after intense neural reconditioning, she is one of the most effective assassins still alive. Oh, and this skin makes her look like Widowmaker.
Features: Themed abilities.
Notes: This skin theme is part of a shared theme of other universes merging into Overwatch skins.
Nova Widowmaker.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Widowmaker Emerald.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Widowmaker Amber.jpg
Shard.png 400
Nova Widowmaker Moonlight.jpg
Shard.png 400

Portraits[edit | edit source]

Nova Portraits
Carbot Nova Portrait.png
Carbot Nova
Shard.png 100
Agent Nova Portrait.png
Agent Nova
Shard.png 40
Ghost Protocol Portrait.png
Ghost Protocol
Nova Hero Portrait.png
Nova Hero
Nova Mastery Portrait.png
Nova Mastery
Spectre Nova Portrait.png
Spectre Nova
Shard.png 40

Sprays[edit | edit source]

Nova Sprays
Carbot Nova Spray.png
Carbot Nova
Shard.png 100
Kisses Spray.gif
Sun's Out, Guns Out Kisses
Shard.png 100
Nova Terra-zine Spray.png
Nova Terra-zine
Shard.png 40

Emojis[edit | edit source]

Nova Pack 1 Emoji Nova Pack 1 Nova Happy.png Nova Pack 2 Emoji Nova Pack 2 Nova Angry.png
Emoji Name Shortcut Emoji Name Shortcut
Emoji Nova Pack 1 Nova Happy.png Nova Happy  :novahappy: Emoji Nova Pack 2 Nova Angry.png Nova Angry  :novaangry:
Emoji Nova Pack 1 Nova ROFL.png Nova ROFL  :novalol:
Emoji Nova Pack 2 Nova Cool.png Nova Cool  :novacool:
Emoji Nova Pack 1 Nova Sad.png Nova Sad  :novasad:
Emoji Nova Pack 2 Nova Oops.png Nova Embarrassed  :novaoops:
Emoji Nova Pack 1 Nova Silly.png Nova Silly  :novasilly:
Emoji Nova Pack 2 Nova Love.png Nova in Love  :novalove:
Emoji Nova Pack 1 Nova Meh.png Nova Speechless  :novameh:
Emoji Nova Pack 2 Nova Surprised.png Nova Surprised  :novawow:

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Nova/Quotes

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nova first appeared in StarCraft: Ghost: Nova (November 2006 novel) and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (July 2010 game). Her own game (StarCraft: Ghost) was cancelled in 2006.
  • Nova is voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • Nova may have been a replacement for Leon.
  • Nova was one of the 18 heroes revealed at BlizzCon 2013.
  • Scarlet Nova may depict Kerrigan before she was infested by the zerg.
  • A large statue of Nova can be seen at Blizzard's office in Irvine, California.[2]
  • NECA revealed the Heroes of the Storm Nova action figure at Toy Fair NY 2015.[3]
  • Widowmaker, a character from Overwatch, appears as a skin for Nova. Kent-Erik Hagman stated that it is unlikely that Widowmaker will be added as a separate hero.[4]
  • Nova's "blondes have more fun" quote references a phrase popularized by a Clairol advertising campaign.
  • When Cassia was released, the original Novazon skin was recolored from red to black to reduce confusion between the two Heroes.

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