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Event Quote Audio
Briefing "Trespassers... This tomb belongs to the spiders...."
"And we desire gems of power."
"Do this, and my webweavers will descend upon your foes."
"Now, go. I grow impatient."
Start of a Match "Prepare yourselves. The battle begins shortly."
"Battle begins in..."
"Let the battle begin!"
"Go. Kill."
"Slay them all, heroes."
Turn in point activating "Shatter the metal spiders. Bring the gems of power to my altar."
"My altar awaits the gems... bring them. Bring me their power."
"The clutch is ready to form again. Return the gems to me."
"Shatter their constructs. Deliver the gems to my altar... before your enemies."
"Gather their gems. Bring them to me. Do this, now!"
"Destroy their constructs. Reclaim the gems of my power. Show no mercy."
"Metal spiders.... Destroy them. Deliver the gems of power to my altar!"
Ally turned in enough gems "Yes... That is enough... You will be rewarded, as promised."
"The gems are mine. My power shall aid you."
"You have done as promised. My magic is yours."
"The gems... I feel their power. Come my children... come to me."
"Enough. The power is mine once more."
"My strength gathers. Soon your foes shall know my power firsthand."
"Well done. The spiders shall aid you."
Ally Spawns Webweaver "Go, my webweavers. Slaughter their foes."
"Descend my daughters. Descend and destroy."
"My webweavers shall weave a web of death upon your foes. <hiss>"
"Descend, webweavers. Slaughter anything in your way."
"Slay their enemies. Show no mercy."
"Leave only ruins, my daughters."
Enemy turned in enough gems "Too late. Your enemies brought the gems to my altar."
"Your enemy has done as I asked. Soon you will know my power."
"My power grows... by your enemy's hand. "
"The clutch is filled. Your enemies desire my power, and it shall aid them."
"Your enemy is deserving of my power... Prepare yourselves."
"The spiders shall aid your foes."
"You are too late. Now you will know my wrath."
Enemy Spawns Webweaver "The webweavers come for you."
"Defend yourselves or perish. I care not which."
"My webweavers descend upon you."
"The Spider Queen's wrath is upon you."
"Can you survive? We shall see."
"Your destruction is at hand."
Webweavers dead "My webweavers have fallen. Gather gems. If you wish to be spared."
"It is over, for now."
"A reprieve."
"The webweavers fall."
"My power wanes. Gather more gems or face my wrath."
"The hour of the spider closes."
Player Abandons "A hero flees from battle."
Player Rejoins "A hero rejoins the battle."
Player Kills "Enemy slain."
"The prey has fallen."
"Enemy defeated."
"Yes... Kill them."
"Well done."
Player Deaths "You have been slain."
"You have fallen."
"Rise from your grave."
"This is my tomb, hero. Not yours."
"For most death is an inescapable web."
Enemy Fort destroyed "Fort destroyed."
"Your enemy's fort has fallen."
"Shattered. Fallen."
"Their fort falls."
"Yes. Their forts must fall."
Enemy Keep destroyed "Keep destroyed."
"Keep destroyed."
"Keep shattered."
Own Fort lost "The enemy has destroyed a fort."
"Your enemy has destroyed a fort."
"Your fort falls."
"You have lost a fort, heroes."
Own Keep lost "The enemy has destroyed a keep."
"The enemy has destroyed a keep."
"You have lost a keep."
Core is under attack "The enemy is attacking your core."
"Your core is under attack."
Victory "Victory."
"Go. Leave with your lives."
"Well deserved."
Defeat "Defeat."
"Not all escape my tomb."
"So it ends."

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