Nathan LaMusga

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Nathan LaMusga
Nathan LaMusga.jpg
Birth Date Uknown
Occupation Game Designer
Projects Heroes of the Storm

Nathan LaMusga is a game designer at Blizzard Entertainment. Nathan LaMusga is for "finding the fun" in the company's online team brawler.

Background[edit | edit source]

It's his job to make sure that players are having the most fun with whatever content he's working on. Broadly, he's responsible for gameplay, but specifically he works on designing new Heroes. His focus is on the core kit, the fantasy, and the mechanics of the Hero, and how that Hero relates with other Heroes in the game. His process involves writing out a pitch, iterating on it, and overseeing that Hero's implementation. The Hero is then playtested, iterated on again, tweaked, refined, and sometimes even cut. Once the Hero is near-complete, he works with balance designers to fine tune their numbers to make sure they're not over or under-powered.

LaMusga joined Blizzard Entertainment in 2007 as a quality assurance analyst testing World of Warcraft and writing bug reports. He joined a team focused on tuning and testing the game's raid content before transitioning to the team developing Project Titan as an animator. When he originally joined the Heroes of the Storm development team, it was as an associate technical designer, where he focused on implementing new content. His very first games industry job was in quality assurance for Caesar IV at Sierra Entertainment, which he scrubbed clean of many, many bugs.

LaMusga loves games—he's a VR early adopter and admits to spending way too much money on mobile games. He also loves swimming and riding his bike at night, though you'll never catch him wearing spandex[1]

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