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Movement speed determines how fast a Hero moves when on foot. Movement Speed is in game displayed as relative to the units absolute Movement Speed, with 100% representing the units base Movement Speed. Heroes have absolute base Movement Speed of 4.8398 units/second, but other in-game units can have differing values.

Most Heroes can summon a Mount to increase their Movement Speed by 30%, raising their relative Movement speed to 130% (6.292 units/second). For most mounted heroes, mounting has a 1-second cast time. The exceptions here are Medivh, whose Raven has a 1.5-second cast time, and Rehgar, who can instantly mount. For traditional mounts, mounting is more efficient when travelling for 4.5 or more seconds. This works out to 20m of distance.[1]

Movement Speed can be increased by some talents and abilities and decreased by Slows or completely negated by Roots. Move Speed bonuses from different sources do not stack; only the one with highest value is effective. The same applies to Slows. If a Hero is affected by a Move Speed buff and a Slow at the same time, the Hero's Movement Speed will be determined by their difference.

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