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Genji using "Swift Strike", a Launch-type Movement ability, to close distance.

Movement abilities are a type of Abilities that cause Heroes to quickly move towards a point or a unit at higher than normal speed. Movement abilities make it easier for Heroes to dodge Skillshots and ground-targeted Area of Effect abilities. Movement abilities are unaffected by Slows and usually can not be redirected midway. Movement abilities can be divided into three categories Dash, Launch and Teleport, based on their function. Movement Speed buffs are not considered Movement abilities. Getting Rooted completely prevents the use of Movement abilities for their duration, and interrupts Dash- and Launch-type Abilities.

Dash[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dash

Dash-type abilities, such as Valla's "Vault", are the most barebone version of Movement abilities. causing the hero to simply move towards a target point or unit at high speed on ground. Dash-type abilities can be interrupted by Stuns, Roots and Knockbacks in the middle of the Dash. Dashes cannot travel over terrain. Upon targeting a point or unit on the other side of terrain, the unit will try to go around it or stops at the closest point of the target.

Launch[edit | edit source]

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Launch-type Movement abilities, like Muradin's "Dwarf Toss", work similarly to Dashes, with the exception that they can travel over terrain. If a Launch-type ability were to end in the middle of terrain, it will end at the closest point at the edge of the terrain. Similarly to Dashes, Launches can be interrupted midway by Stuns, Roots and Knockbacks. Launch-type abilities often have an animation, where the unit leaps through air.

Teleport[edit | edit source]

Main article: Teleport

Teleports, like Li-Ming's "Teleport", are the most powerful of Movement abilities. They cause the unit to instantly be repositioned at the target point or unit. Due to this Teleports can naturally travel over terrain, if the range is sufficient, and cannot be interrupted midway unlike Dash- and Launch-type abilities. Additionally, using a Teleporting ability disjoints most projectiles, allowing the unit to dodge Basic Attacks and some unit targeted projectile-based Abilities.

Teleports do not normally grant "invulnerability frames", as the movement is instant. However, some Abilities, where the reappearing of the unit is delayed, are often affiliated with mechanics that allow dodging damage or removing negative status effects.