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Targetinfopanel unit abathur monstrosity.png
Summon Information
Summoner Abathur
ID AbathurEvolveMonstrosity
Duration Indefinitely
Health 1350 (+4% per level)
Attack Damage 85 (+4% per level)
Attack Speed 1.00
Attack Range 0.5

A Monstrosity is a Summon created by Abathur.

Abathur is able to turn an allied Minion or Locust into a Monstrosity with his Heroic Evolve Monstrosity. When enemy Minions near the Monstrosity die, it gains 2% Health and 2% Basic Attack damage, stacking up to 40 times. The Monstrosity can be healed by Carapace and has the ability to Burrow to a visible location every 80 seconds.

Using Symbiote on the Monstrosity allows Abathur to control it, in addition to Symbiote's normal benefits. This Ability can be reactivated to automatically cast Symbiote on his Monstrosity.

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