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Arcturus Mengsk
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Title Emperor of the Terran Dominion
Franchise StarCraft StarCraft
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Arcturus Mengsk is a proposed hero from the Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft franchise.[1][2]

Background[edit | edit source]

Arcturus was born on the planet of Korhal, a world with tensions against the interstellar Terran Confederacy that ruled it. Rather than follow in the rebellious footsteps of his father Senator Angus Mengsk, Arcturus joined the Confederate Armed Forces in the hopes of gaining the skills needed to become a prospector. Arcturus served as an officer, and fought through the Guild Wars, but soon began to see the corruption of the Confederacy and resigned his posting before the war's end. He then moved on to his dream of becoming a prospector, striking a large mineral cluster when he got news from a Umojan Directorate diplomat whose daughter he had relations with: he had a son, named Valerian Mengsk.

Arcturus went to Umoja to visit his son, finding him weak and bookish. But several weeks in he got the news that three ghost agents had raided his family's compound on Korhal and killed his mother, brother and father, decapitating Angus. From that day on Arcturus swore revenge against the Confederacy, and took up his father's charge as leader of the Korhal rebellion. Eventually, Arcturus was successful enough to drive Korhal to fully rebel from the Confederacy, declaring independence. However in response, the Confederacy unleashed a nuclear bombardment on its surface, wiping out all human settlement and reducing the planet to a desert.

Now driven but without a full army, Arcturus took a number of Umojan volunteer and the battlecruiser Hyperion and restarted his revolution, forming the rebel group the Sons of Korhal with the goal of taking down the Confederacy. Initial strikes were slow, but soon they raided a facility containing a ghost agent named Sarah Kerrigan, where they were using her to research a number of odd xenomorphs. Mengsk allowed her to stay with them, and together they raided the Ghost Academy on the Confederacy capital of Tarsonis, where Mengsk ordered Kerrigan to bring in a ghost agent alive. Kerrigan did so, and Mengsk killed him, revealing that he was part of the ghost team who killed his father, the same team Kerrigan was on, though her memories of it were wiped. Rather than get his revenge, Mengsk asked her to join his revolution as his second-in-command, which she accepted.

The raid on Tarsonis allowed Mengsk to gain popular support and ground against the Confederacy, yet soon a three way war broke out with two alien species, the zerg (the xenomorphs the Confederacy were researching) and the protoss appeared. Mengsk aided the evacuation of the colony of Mar Sara as it was overrun by the zerg, and recruited its survivors as well as its magistrate, Marshal Jim Raynor and famous reporter Michael Liberty. The Sons of Korhal sparked rebellion all across the Confederacy, even recruiting one of their generals, Edmund Duke, and soon Mengsk found the Confederacy were directing the zerg to select areas with a device named the psi emitter. Mengsk reproduced these, and began an assault on Tarsonis with his forces, deploying the psi emitters and luring billions of zerg to the surface, slaughtering Confederate military and civlian alike. Raynor, Kerrigan and Liberty spoke out against Mengsk, but Arcturus would not be swayed. Seeing Kerrigan's outburst as a betrayal, he sent Kerrigan against the protoss forces of Tassadar who had arrived to stop the zerg, then abandoned her to the zerg as they overran the planet. Raynor defected in the aftermath taking a number of the Sons of Korhal with him, swearing revenge for the destruction of Tarsonis.

In the aftermath, Mengsk rallied the colonies of the Terran Confederacy into a new government, the Terran Dominion, and declared himself emperor. He began to hold the line against the zerg, and crack down on the various pirate militias thriving during the conflict, later revealing his son to the public. However, during a visit to Umoja an attempt was made on his life by ex-Confederate forces, which later were revealed to be orchestrated by the forces of the United Earth Directorate, who had invaded the sector from the distant terran homeworld of Earth. They smashed Mengsk's Dominion, and took the planet of Korhal. As he was about to be captured, Mengsk was rescued by Raynor and the protoss hero Fenix, who were under orders from the zerg-infested Sarah Kerrigan to save him. Kerrigan asked for his help against the UED, and in return she would give him Korhal back. Mengsk agreed, and the alliance drove the UED from Korhal, but in the eve of their victory Kerrigan betrayed her allies, killing Edmund Duke and disabling Mengsk's forces. Kerrigan said it was revenge for abandoning her to the zerg, and left him to see her rise to power. However, Mengsk was not willing to let the betrayal go, and rallied his remaining forces for one final assault on Kerrigan, alongside the remaining UED forces and the protoss of Artanis. However, Mengsk and his temporary allies were all defeated.

But Mengsk was not out yet, in the aftermath Kerrigan went silent, and the Emperor spent the next four years rebuilding his Dominion. However, he had to deal with revolutionary attacks from Jim Raynor and from the Umojans, and cracked down harshly on all those who spoke out against him. He ruled as a dictator, and revolutionary groups began to gain popular support. Meanwhile, he sought an edge against Kerrigan, and turned to the head of his son's scientific foundation Dr. Emil Narud, who told him he could hybridize protoss and zerg to create a powerful bioweapon. Mengsk agreed, and hoping to get an edge on Kerrigan released Raynor's old comrade from cryoprison, Tychus Findlay, making him a deal that if he directed Raynor to kill Kerrigan, he would be free of all his crimes, but that if he failed a bomb in his suit would kill him. Findlay agreed, and soon as Mengsk predicted, Kerrigan returned with her Swarm, invading the Dominion.

Mengsk counterattacked with General Horace Warfield at the helm of his forces, pushing the zerg back while repelling rebel attacks from Jim Raynor. However, soon Raynor found an edge when he discovered an adjutant with information connecting Mengsk to the slaughter of Tarsonis. Raynor released the information, causing riots across the Dominion against Mengsk, but he managed to maintain control through brutal crackdowns. Raynor meanwhile allied with Valerian Mengsk in an attempt to use a relic named the Keystone to purify Kerrigan of infestation. Unbeknownst to them Mengsk knew of this, and followed them to Char, keeping his distance from the main attack and waiting to see who won the battle. Raynor activated the Keystone, purifying Kerrigan, and as he rescued her Mengsk forced Tychus to try and kill her, and Raynor responded by killing Tychus. Unswayed, as Raynor and Valerian gathered their forces in orbit Mengsk ambushed them, fighting his son when he refused to surrender Kerrigan. Mengsk chased the renegades across the sector, cornering them at Dr. Narud's lab, where he revealed himself to be working for Arcturus. However, Raynor was able to escape with Kerrigan to the Umojan Protectorate.

This didn't hide them from Mengsk for long however, and he launched an assault led by Nova Terra to capture them. While Kerrigan escaped, Nova captured Raynor, and Mengsk announced to the Dominion that the zerg had been defeated, Raynor had been killed, and the protoss pushed back, and that they had won. Kerrigan meanwhile pulled back to Char, allying with Zagara and Abathur to push the Dominion off the planet and kill General Warfield. Months later, Kerrigan returned infested as a primal zerg, but Mengsk revealed that he had Raynor alive, and that if he stuck against her he would kill him. Kerrigan allied with Valerian and Raynor's old forces, and rescued Raynor, then striking Mengsk's hybrid breeding operations and killing Narud.

With Mengsk's defenses weakened the the Swarm reunited, Kerrigan besieged Korhal. Mengsk slaughtered millions with his planetary defense network, but the zerg were able to land. Mengsk deployed a superweapon named the psi destroyer, but Kerrigan used her ally Dehaka to destroy it. Finally, Kerrigan and Raynor began their final assault on Mengsk's palace, fighting through his elite guard to reach him. With his defenses laid to waste, Kerrigan confronted Mengsk personally, but he revealed he had the Keystone that uninfested her, and used it to weaken her. Before he could, Raynor grabbed him and destroyed his control device. Kerrigan pinned Mengsk to his own monitors with her bone wings, and with a burst of psionic energy, killed the emperor once and for all.

With Arcturus dead, Valerian took over the Dominion and instituted a new and fairer rule, though for years to come would have to live in the sins of his father, from his own people who expected him to be just as brutal to Arcturus loyalists in his ranks who plotted against him.

References[edit | edit source]

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